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To remain profitable in a competitive environment, businesses everywhere recognize the importance of effortless and efficient building operations management. Roth's Facilities Automation Division provides sophisticated, easily interfaced microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control building control systems that produce significant results in markets such as retail, telecommunications, government, institutional, education, manufacturing and healthcare. With Roth systems, the facility operates “smarter,” enabling the customer to consistently control energy costs and manage systems effectively.

Using a systems approach, Roth's Facilities Automation Division provides needs assessment, design, engineering, installation, programming, system commissioning and monitoring for a complete, trouble-free digital control system. Each system is tailored to meet specific customer requirements, allowing them to control and manage temperature, ventilation, indoor air quality, energy consumption, lighting and security at one or multiple locations.

From a centralized location at Roth's corporate headquarters, automation specialists are responsible for overseeing an intricate network that monitors and maintains the operations of buildings nationwide. Roth provides 24-hour support and monitoring services. The Automation System, coupled with support, ensures that customers' operational needs are consistently met, changes are accomplished quickly and accurately and disruptions are avoided.

Roth has developed highly effective customer counting systems that allow decision makers to accurately measure the number of people entering or exiting a facility. The DigiCount People Monitor combines video imaging with microprocessor technology to track customer traffic while SIGMABEAM uses a proprietary microprocessor and infrared sensor. Both products can be networked via LAN or WAN and integrated into various customer MIS systems including Point of Sale.

The innovative technologies of DigiCount and SIGMABEAM provide information that can be utilized to determine average length of stay, leasing strategies, marketing trends, staff scheduling and more. Roth's Customer Counting Solutions provide a statistical history that can improve the profitability and productivity of a facility's operations.

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