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A sampling of Sensormatic's CCTV products ...

CAPTURE IMAGES Fixed Cameras * Color or black & white

* Low price with high quality

* Installation flexibility

SpeedDome[superscript]r Ultra Series * Fast-moving camera

* 360-degree continuous rotation

* Programmable targets and patterns

* Indoor/outdoor applications

CONTROL IMAGES Video Management * Full camera control

* Full matrix switching capabilities

* Touch Tracker[superscript]r controller with one handed operation

Multiplexers * View and record up to 16 cameras simultaneously - all with full-screen detail

* View cameras as full screen, picture-in-picture (PIP), 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 matrix

* Detect motion or activity

* Digital zoom capability

Quads * Controls up to four cameras

* View cameras in a quad matrix or full screen

* Quad to full-screen picture zoom on playback

RECORD IMAGES Video Recorders * Digital, virtual real-time, time lapse and real-time recording

* Multiple alarm recording modes

* Time, date and alarm search

POS Exception Monitoring * Text overlayed on video

* Monitor up to 400 cash registers

* All exceptions marked on video for fast, easy review

REVIEW IMAGES Call-Up Monitors * Color or black & white

* Clear, high-quality viewing

* Various sizes for location flexibility

Public View Monitors * Durable ceiling/wall mounts provide installation flexibility for greatest deterrence

* High-quality color or black & white options

Remote Monitoring * Remote locations monitored from one central point (laptop PC-compatible)

* Images transmitted over ordinary phone lines, ISDN lines or satellite

* Flexibility to remotely control movable cameras

* Video images can be recorded on hard drive

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