San Antonio enters the redevelopment fray

A 440,000 sq. ft. industrial property in San Antonio is being redeveloped into a high-tech telecommunications hotel for multiple Internet data centers and telecommunications companies. The development, Cornerway Telecom Place, is a joint venture between New York-based Insignia/ESG and San Antonio-based Koontz McCombs LLC.

The two-story "duplex" facility is reportedly the first of its kind in the area. Tenants can isolate support equipment on a separate floor to maximize leasable equipment and revenue streams. Additionally, the size and adaptability of the facility will allow tenants to grow within a single location.

When fully redeveloped, Cornerway Telecom Place will feature 13 ft. ceiling heights on the first floor, 18 ft. ceiling heights on the second floor, floor loads of 250 pounds per square foot on the first floor, floor loads of more than 125 pounds per square foot on the second floor, and 24-hour on-site security.

Cornerway Telecom Place is available for installation of equipment and is scheduled to become fully operational by Dec. 1.

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