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  1. Stride Rite

    Columbus, Ohio-based design firm Chute Gerdeman created this inviting entrance with the help of Lake Mary, Fla.-based contractor Treehouse Development Corp.

    The entrance has a residential feel and features elements found within the store. The doorway's colors are in keeping with Stride Rite's customers: babies, boys and girls.
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  2. Timberland

    Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, the Timberland Maroussi flagship store's long glass façade invites shoppers into the store. The entrance is a creation of Cincinnati-based FRCH Design Worldwide.

    The image fits in with the company's mission to, “Equip people to make a difference in their world.”
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  3. Parade

    When redesigning this Parade shop to reflect the retailer's new brand name and revamped strategy, Worthington, Ohio-based Fitch gave the store's entrance a subtle and sophisticated look. Rochester, N.Y.'s Store Crafters Inc. served as general contractor.
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  4. Velvet Pixies

    FRCH Design Worldwide created a picture-frame façade and entryway featuring pink and purple neon to begin a fantasyland experience even before shoppers enter Velvet Pixies. The Rockaway Township store is a little girl's dream starting at the door.
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Product alert

Dynamic Closures

“We found talking to potential clients there is one part of the rolling security storefront grille that is broken a lot” says Greg Trimboli, vice president of marketing for Dynamic Closures. “Bottom bar locking problems happen for many reasons, most of them user-related due to where the lock is located on the floor.”

In real world use, Trimboli says, employees are not careful. “I was at a national retailer and the person responsible for store maintenance said, ‘If there's a way to break it, our employees will.’”

Dynamic Closures developed a way for the staff to never have to touch the grille. The company's new Self Locking Motorized Grilles, which meet ADA guidelines and feature a three-year warranty, are operated remotely.
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SentryGate 3 grilles from Cornell offer maximum protection while maintaining product visibility.

The SentryGate 3 is a compact security shutter that Cornell says will dramatically change the way would-be criminals look at the store. It can be added quickly and inexpensively to any storefront.

Attractive features include open style curtains for protection while still maintaining visibility and ventilation and alightwieght push-up motor for easy operation.

The SentryGate's 65% open design brick-pattern curtain allows for interior mounting to existing construction. Practical applications include storefronts, display kiosks and counter windows.
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CR Laurence Co.

Los Angeles-based CR Laurence Co. Inc. introduces the CRL Wedge-lock dry glazed door rail system, which the company claims provides the fastest installation time of any rail product.

The Wedge-lock system works by applying pressure form the bottom of the door rail. The rotation of socket head cap bolts is converted into a clamping force. This action, along with a special retaining gasket, creates more than 100-lbs.-per-inch of force.

Access to the clamping bolts does not require removal of the cover plates, and tightening is obtained through the use of a T-handle wrench, rather than an end-wrench.
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