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  1. Interlam

    Interlam Inc. introduces its Zip Up brochure stand. The lightweight fixture has four compartments that hold brochures and other 8.5-x 11-inch literature. It can be easily transported when filled with brochures by collapsing and inserting it into a nylon transport case. Zip Up features aluminum construction, acrylic compartments and base finishes in silver or beechwood.

    Tacoma, Wash. 800.562.6251.

  2. B&N Industries

    Strong, modern acrylic materials combined with the simplicity and versatility of B&N's Pog system creates a bright, energetic display environment. The Sorbet system, which includes back-lit walls, platforms, panels and tables, offers an airy glow while withstanding the test of traffic.

    San Carlos, Calif. 650.593.4127.

  3. Alusuisse Composites Inc.

    Available in a wide range of thickness and color, Alusuisse's Sintra material is a rigid board of moderately expanded plastic. Seen here in a specially designed New Balance shoe POP fixture, the screen-printed material provides a durable, lightweight display.

    Benton, Ky. 270.527.4200

  4. GAVI International

    This fixturing system, designed by GAVI International for tile retailer Florim USA, comes in seven interchangeable components. Each unit can stand alone or many units can be combined for a larger display. The units can also follow inside or outside corners and be arranged back-to-back for an island effect. All back panels are constructed of perforated chrome metal, while side divider panels are made of solid, stained wood.

    Barrington, Ill. 847.277.0012

  5. Federal Industries

    Federal's line of high volume bakery and deli merchandisers adapt to a wide range of continuous lineup and/or stand-alone settings. The fixtures feature tempered tilt-out front glass for maximum product display and ease of cleaning.

    Belleville, Wis. 800.356.4206.

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