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  1. IMC Inc.

    IMC introduces Indian Multicolor slate, which has various deep colors of burgundy, eggplant, gold, indigo and olive. Shown here is the Versailles pattern, which can be used on walls or floors in larger areas.
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  2. Toli International

    Toli presents solid vinyl tiles replicating the look of natural stone materials with the resilience of vinyl. The construction consists of a photographic film in a solid vinyl tile with an embossed surface.
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  3. Bomanite Corp.

    Bomanite's Small Random Slate pattern was recently developed to resemble angular cut slate for use in small scale applications. The Small Random Slate pattern is abstract and helps to avoid the problem of linear design.
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  4. Durkan Patterned Carpet Inc.

    Durkan's Canterbury Collection incorporates influences associated with the Federal and French Empire periods. Canterbury is available on a variety of multi-functional base grades featuring Durkron nylon or 80/20 wool.
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  5. Gold Seal

    Gold Seal's Snowdonia ceramic floor tile is available in four color options and features shade variation creating depth and variety from tile to tile. Texture variations enhance the natural stone look of the line.
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  6. Musson Rubber Co.

    Musson's Hi-Traffic matting is made of large-denier, needlepunched, 100% polypropylene fiber, resulting in a distinct appearance without zippering or raveled edges. The coarse ribbed surface provides a wiper/scraper function.
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