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  1. Universal Lighting Technologies

    ULT's Multi-5 Pulse Start ballast offers multiple benefits for contractors and distributors in that it is energy-efficient and reduces inventory required by stocking one ballast instead of two.

    Nashville, Tenn. 615.316.5100

  2. Time Control

    Time Control Systems are wireless, fully remote controllable lighting and electrical control systems. No special phone lines, modems or expensive hard wiring is required.

    Pompano Beach, Fla. 954.972.7575

  3. Avant Garde Concept Inc.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Avant Garde Concept Inc. offers design, consulting and manufacture of custom lighting elements ranging from the whimsical to the practical.

    Montreal. 514.933.4124

  4. Philips Lighting Co.

    New to Philips' T5 line is the 55-watt Silhouette T5 Circular High Output Lamp, which offers a higher light output than the previous 40-watt version while remaining 12 inches in diameter.

    New York. 800.945.9071, ext. 132

  5. Juno Lighting Inc.

    In response to the current design trend of complementing wood, neutral and stone finishes with satin metals, Juno is releasing its Silver Collection of track and recessed luminaries.

    Des Plains, Ill. 847.827.9880

  6. Stylmark

    Stylmark's Shelf Light is a self-contained lighting unit that connects to a powered shelf standard, allowing for easy height adjustment and hidden electrical connections.

    Minneapolis. 800.328.2495

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