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  1. APW-Wright Line

    Wright Line's new low-profile, single-tier Netview Horizon command station is based on a 19-inch enclosure frame and offers full-depth work surfaces with easy full-room viewing.
    Worcester, Mass. 508.926.6044

  2. Code Blue

    Code Blue's communications products can be mounted on walls, poles or as freestanding pedestals and are available with wireless transmission and alternative power methods, eliminating the need for expensive trenching.
    Holland, Mich. 616.392.8296

  3. Sanyo

    Sanyo Security Products introduces a new 72-hour time-lapse recorder. A four-head model with both recording and field playback to cover all areas. The recorder lasts for three days with just one standard T120 tape.
    Chatsworth, Calif. 818.998.7322

  4. Trango Systems

    Trango's The Eagle Plus 2.4 GHz FM all-weather wireless video system is ready for installation right out of the box. With the Eagle Plus' two PIR detectors, microphone, camera and well-selected and positioned receiving antenna and monitor, system integrators can realize a self-contained, flexible wireless monitoring system in the most rugged outdoor environments.
    San Diego. 888.400.8886

  5. Sony

    Sony's FIU-700 series fingerprint identification system is a credit card-size biometric device that provides both authentication and data security and is designed to make Internet transactions secure. Uses include network access, remote access via virtual private networks and e-commerce applications.
    Park Ridge, N.J. 800.686.SONY

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