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  1. United Process Inc.

    WoodTrends acoustical wood systems, from United Process Inc., are the newest line of Sound Seal acoustical products. Architects and designers can specify wood for walls and ceilings without the concern of excess echo and reverberation. Agawam, Mass. (800) 569-1294;

  2. SoundTube

    SoundTube Entertainment offers the Omni360 satellite RS/CM50 and the Omni360 RS/CM8SB subwoofers, which are designed to complement the line of Omni-Directional speakers. SoundTube's Zero Reflection enclosure technology eliminates wave distortion and boxy colorations. Park City, Utah. (800) 647-8823;

  3. Bose

    New to Bose's business system line is the 203 loudspeaker, a small, sculpted 100-watt speaker containing two angled StarDriver speakers. Framingham, Mass. (800) 428-2673;

  4. Armstrong World Industries Inc.

    Armstrong World Industries Inc. offers its i-ceilings sound systems that incorporate NXT's Surface Sound flat panel loudspeaker technology. The NXT-based system includes ceiling speakers, amplifiers and electronic processors. Lancaster, Pa. 1-877-ARMSTRONG;

  5. Soundsphere

    The Soundsphere Model Q-CS loudspeaker is best for recessed mounting in low ceiling applications. Stratford, Conn. (203) 386-9200;

  6. Liquid Audio

    The Liquid Kiosk Network 2.0, from Liquid Audio, enables retailers to offer a rich selection of digital music inventory to customers. The kiosks can be fully customized to fit the specific environment and to make the most of valuable floor space.

    Consumers can select from virtual inventory stored on a local Liquid Server to create custom compilation and full-album CDs. CDs are produced on demand right in the store with the Rimage CD-R publishing equipment. Redwood City, Calif. (650) 549-2000; E-mail: [email protected]

  7. Envel Design Corp.

    New for 2002 is Envel Design Corp.'s dimensional 2-ft. by 2-ft. Acoustic Lattice panels. Perfect for exterior and interior use, the panels combine the open look of outdoor wood lattice and the sound absorption of high-density acoustic tile.

    Architects, designers and engineers have the option of specifying lattice color, width and lattice spacing combinations. Optional border molding can be nose-and-cove profile, flat or deleted as specified. Westlake Village, Calif. (818) 865-8111;

  8. American Music Environments

    AME introduces the AME-2020 Digital Music and Marketing System, which allows business owners to control the style of music that is playing at all times. There are no tapes, CDs or satellite dishes needed. More than 600 hours of digital audio can be stored on the system. It has features such as full remote control of audio programming for one or 5000 locations using an ordinary web browser. The AME box is capable of storing 9,000 songs and hundreds of announcements or other audio items. Orchard Lake, Mich. (888) 263-5005;

  9. MTi Inc.

    The Music Center, from MTi Inc., offers customers the ability to sample a wide variety of tracks. The display offers 42 buttons, each of which is programmable with up to a minute-and-a-half of music — either a single song or three 30-second tracks from the same artist. A CD-ROM that is custom recorded for your store drives the Music Center. The display also features a customized face graphic, which can be changed out routinely — along with the music disc — to make sure music selections are always up to date. Hillsboro, Ore. (800) 426-6844;

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