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  1. One Plus Corp.

    One Plus Corp. introduces a new technology allowing malls to profit from trash. The TRASHPASS system charges tenants based on their actual waste disposal. It also locks out unauthorized users, does the accounting and can even automatically contact the hauler to order its own compactor container pickup. Alternatively, instead of paying the hauler, mall management can be paid by the hauler for contract rights. Chicago (312) 943-1800; e-mail: [email protected]

  2. Marathon Equipment Co.

    Marathon Equipment Co. offers the World Class Self-Contained Compactor/Container. It has an integral power unit, which means there are no hydraulic hoses to disconnect for its trip to the landfill. It also has a 37-inch by 72-inch extra-wide compaction chamber allowing the World Class SC to accommodate large amounts of refuse. The motor, oil tank, panel box and controls comprise the power unit, which is housed in a liquid-proof compartment that also forms a built-in feed hopper. Vernon, Ala. (205) 695-9105;

  3. United Receptacle Inc.

    United Receptacle offers indoor and outdoor trash receptacles. The Howard Products line includes durable steel containers, which are available in two new color combinations. The Barclay Series features fiberglass receptacles and smoker's urns. A new line called the Signature Series features Marblet urns and ash/trash receptacles. Pottsville, Pa. (800) 233-0314;

  4. Wausau Tile Inc.

    A new product from Wausau Tile is the Dual Container, which helps make areas feel less cluttered. It features a waste receptacle and a cigarette ash urn in one unit. It is available in six base colors and three rim colors. Wausau, Wis. (800) 388-8728;

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