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Time For Change/Top 100 Owners

Take a quick look at this year's Top 100 Owners and Managers of retail real estate because it's not going to look this way for long.

Our rankings are based on where companies stood as of Dec. 31. But three deals — Simon Property Group's acquisition of Mills Corp., Developers Diversified Realty Corp.'s purchase of Inland Retail Real Estate Trust Inc. and Centro Watt's buyout of New Plan, will make this list a whole lot different very soon.

Developers Diversified's deal with Inland closed in March, officially pushing its portfolio to 162 million square feet. That addition leapfrogs the company from fourth to third on the list. Meanwhile, when its deal closes, Simon's portfolio will grow to 248 million square feet from the listed 201 million square feet — giving it some added separation between it and General Growth Properties, which ranks second with 178 million square feet in its portfolio.

And Centro Watt will join the top 10 as its portfolio after the deal will be 105 million square feet. That will rank it fifth on the list as the Inland Real Estate Group of Cos. Inc. portfolio drops to about 73 million square feet.

In all, the top 10 on this year's list own a combined 1.1 billion square feet of space — a 6.4 percent increase over last year's figure. Combined, the top 10 largest firms now own 127 percent more space than they did just 10 years ago.

Despite the growth, no new companies entered the “100 Million Club.” The same five firms that controlled portfolios of 100 million square feet or more is the same as last year. (Though, next year Centro could enter the top 10 and replace Inland).


  1. Simon Property Group

    225 W. Washington St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    PH: 317.636.1600 FAX: 317.685.7270
    David Simon, CEO;
    Richard S. Sokolov, President & CFO;
    Gary Lewis, President, Leasing Division
    Total GLA Owned: 201,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 286

  2. General Growth Properties

    110 N. Wacker Dr.
    Chicago, IL 60606
    PH: 312.960.5000 FAX: 312.960.5135
    [email protected]
    John Bucksbaum, CEO; Bernie Freibaum, CFO; Bob Michaels, President & COO;
    Tom D'Alesandro, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 178,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 230

  3. Kimco Realty Corp.

    3333 New Hyde Park Rd.
    New Hyde Park, NY 11042
    PH: 516.869.9000 FAX: 516.869.7250
    [email protected]
    Milton Cooper, CEO; Michael Flynn, President; Joe Denis, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 158,075,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 1,163

  4. Developers Diversified Realty

    3300 Enterprise Pkwy.
    Beachwood, OH 44122
    PH: 216.755.5500 FAX: 216.755.1500
    Scott A. Wolstein, Chairman & CEO;
    David M. Jacobstein, President & COO;
    Robin R. Walker-Gibbons, EVP, Leasing;
    John W. Sabatos, VP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 117,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 500

  5. The Inland Real Estate Group of Cos. Inc.

    2901 Butterfield
    Oak Brook, IL 60523
    PH: 630.218.8000 FAX: 630.218.8039
    [email protected]
    Dan Goodwin, Chairman, CEO; Tom McGuiness, President of Property Management Groups; Naill Byrne, VP, Inland Western Management, Scott Carr, President, Inland Commercial Property Management; Tom Lithgow, VP, Property Management, Inland American Management
    Total GLA Owned: 116,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 961

  6. Macerich

    401 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 700
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    PH: 310.394.6000 FAX: 310.395.2791
    Arthur M. Coppola, President & CEO;
    Thomas E. O'Hern, CFO & Treasurer;
    Tom Unis, SVP, Lease Management;
    John Genovese, SVP, Real Estate
    Total GLA Owned: 77,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 91

  7. CBL & Associates Properties Inc.

    CBL Center, Ste. 500
    2030 Hamilton Place Blvd.
    Chattanooga, TN 37421-6000
    PH: 423.855.0001 FAX: 423.490.8662
    [email protected]
    Charles B. Lebovitz, Chairman & CEO; John N. Foy, Vice Chairman & CFO; Eric Snyder, SVP & Director of Corporate Leasing; Michael I. Lebovitz, Chief Development Officer & SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 72,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 123

  8. New Plan

    420 Lexington Ave.
    New York, NY 10170
    PH: 800.468.7526 FAX: 212.869.3989
    [email protected]
    Glenn J. Rufrano, CEO;
    John Roche, EVP & CFO;
    Michael Carroll, EVP, Real Estate Operations;
    Charles Burkert, SVP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 68,271,136 sq. ft.
    Properties: 467

  9. Westfield LLC

    11601 Wilshire Blvd., 11th Fl.
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    PH: 310.478.4456
    Peter Lowy, CEO & Group Managing Director; Kenneth Wong, President & Managing Director
    Total GLA Owned: 65,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 61

  10. Regency Centers

    One Independent Dr., Ste. 114
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
    PH: 904.598.7000
    Hap Stein, CEO; Mary Lou Fiala, COO;
    John Delatour, Managing Director West;
    Jim Thompson, Managing Director East;
    Brian Smith, Chief Investment Officer
    Total GLA Owned: 47,122,687 sq. ft.
    Properties: 404

  11. Mills Corp.

    5425 Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 500
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    PH: 301.968.6000
    Mark S. Ordan, President & CEO;
    Richard Nadeau, EVP & CFO
    Total GLA Owned: 47,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 38

  12. Centro Watt

    580 West Germantown Pike, Ste. 200
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
    PH: 610.825.7100 FAX: 610.834.8110
    [email protected]
    Michael Moss, VP, National Director, Leasing; Dennis Connolly, VP, Development & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 46,132,416 sq. ft.
    Properties: 257

  13. Weingarten

    2600 Citadel Plaza Dr., Ste. 300
    Houston, TX 77008
    PH: 713.866.6000 FAX: 713.866.6049
    Andrew M. Alexander, President & CEO; Stanford Alexander, Chairman; Patricia A. Bender, SVP & Director, Leasing; Robert Smith, SVP & Director, New Development
    Total GLA Owned: 42,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 325

  14. The Cordish Co.

    601 E. Pratt St., 6th Fl.
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    PH: 410.252.5444 FAX: 401.659.9491
    David Cordish, Chairman;
    Blake Cordish, VP;
    Gary Black, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 40,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 34

  15. Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

    200 S. Broad St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    PH: 215.875.0700 FAX: 215.546.7311
    Ronald Rubin, Chairman & CEO; Ed Glickman, President & COO; Tim Rubin, EVP, Leasing;
    Tim Tremel, VP, Construction & Design Services
    Total GLA Owned: 27,072,110 sq. ft.
    Properties: 50

  16. Garden Commercial Properties

    820 Morris Tpke.
    Short Hills, NJ 07078
    PH: 973.467.5000 FAX: 973.467.3480
    [email protected]
    Leonard Wilf, CEO; Zygmunt Wilf, President; Mario Dudzinski, VP, Real Estate;
    Scott Loventhal, Director, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 26,800,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 112

  17. THF Realty

    2127 Innerbelt Business Center Dr.
    St. Louis, MO 63114
    PH: 314.429.0900 FAX: 314.429.0999
    E. Stanley Kroenke, Chairman;
    Michael H. Staenberg, President
    Total GLA Owned: 25,500,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 111

  18. Benderson Development

    8441 Cooper Creek Blvd.
    Univeristy Park, FL 34201
    PH: 941.359.8303 FAX: 941.359.1836
    Randy Benderson, President;
    Shaun Benderson; VP,
    Mike Mundy, SVP Leasing; Vern Varella, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 25,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 250

  19. Glimcher Realty Trust

    150 E. Gay St.
    Columbus, OH 43215
    PH: 614.621.9000 FAX: 614.621.9321
    Michael P. Glimcher, President & CEO;
    Mark E. Yale, EVP & CFO
    Total GLA Owned: 24,700,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 30

  20. Vornado Realty Trust

    888 Seventh Ave.
    New York, NY 10019
    PH: 212.894.7000 FAX: 212.894.7995
    Steven Roth, Chairman & CEO; Michael D. Fascitelli, President; Sandeep Mathrani, EVP; John Birnbaum, SVP; Peter Michelis, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 24,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 179

  21. Taubman Centers Inc.

    200 E. Long Lake Rd., Ste. 300
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
    PH: 248.258.6800 FAX: 248.258.7697
    [email protected]
    Robert S. Taubman, Chairman, President & CEO; Lisa A. Payne, Vice Chairman & CFO;
    David I. Weinert, SVP, Leasing;
    Steven J. Kieras, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 23,928,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 22

  22. Casto

    191 W. Nationwide Blvd., Ste. 200
    Columbus, OH 43215
    PH: 888.400.0878 FAX: 614.774.2048
    [email protected]
    Don M. Casto, III, Partner; Frank S. Benson, III, Partner; Larry Scanlon, Director of Leasing; Dan O'Harra, EVP
    Total GLA Owned: 20,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 95

  23. National Realty & Development Corp.

    3 Manhattanville Rd.
    Purchase, NY 10577
    PH: 914.694.4444 FAX: 914.694.5448
    Robert Baker, Chairman; Richard Baker, Co-Chairman; David Spector, Director, Leasing; Thomas Marciniec, President, Regional Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 20,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 80

  24. Galileo Shopping America Trust

    1 Alfred St. LV9 Gold Fields House
    Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000
    PH: 61.2.9240.0333 FAX: 61.2.9240.0300
    Neil Werrett, Managing Director & CEO;
    Susan McDonald, COO
    Total GLA Owned: 19,600,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 135

  25. Federal Realty Investment Trust

    1626 E. Jefferson St.
    Rockville, MD 20852
    PH: 301.998.8100 FAX: 301.998.3700
    Don Wood, President & CEO; Larry Finger, EVP, CFO & Treasurer; Chris Weilminster, SVP, Leasing; Don Briggs, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 19,500,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 92

  26. Ramco-Gershenson

    31500 Northwestern Highway, Ste. 300
    Farmington Hills, MI 48334
    PH: 248.350.9900 FAX: 248.350.9925
    Dennis E. Gershenson, President, Chairman & CEO; Richard Smith, CFO; Thomas W. Litzler, EVP, Development & New Business Initiatives
    Total GLA Owned: 18,300,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 81

  27. RD Management

    810 Seventh Ave., 28th Fl.
    New York, NY 10019
    PH: 212.265.6600 FAX: 212.265.8250
    Jay Furman, Member; Richard Birdoff, Member; Thomas G. Mirandi, VP, Real Estate; Charles Mesri, VP, Operations
    Total GLA Owned: 18,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 200

  28. Equity One

    1600 NE Miami Gardens Dr.
    N. Miami Beach, FL 33179
    PH: 305.947.1664 FAX: 305.947.1734
    Jeffrey S. Olson, President & CEO;
    Jeffrey S. Stauffer, EVP & COO
    Total GLA Owned: 17,900,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 166

  29. Phillips Edison

    11690 Grooms Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
    PH: 513.554.1110 FAX: 513.554.1009
    [email protected]
    Jeff Edison, CEO; Mike Phillips, President;
    Bob Myers, VP, Leasing;
    Chad Colbert, Director, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 17,500,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 150

  30. Realty Income

    220 W. Crest St.
    Escondido, CA 92025-1707
    PH: 760.741.2111 FAX: 760.741.2235
    William E. Clark, Chairman;
    Thomas A. Lewis, Vice Chairman & CEO
    Total GLA Owned: 16,700,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 1,955

  31. Edens & Avant

    1901 Main St., Ste. 900
    Columbia, SC 29201
    PH: 800.662.7212 FAX: 803.765.0684
    Terry S. Brown, CEO; Jodie W. McLean, President & Chief Investment Officer;
    Numa Jerome, VP, Leasing;
    Steve Boyle, VP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 16,400,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 137

  32. W/S Development

    1330 Boylston St.
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
    PH: 617.232.8900
    Jeremy Sclar, President; Thomas DeSimone, EVP; Mark Roberts, SVP, Leasing;
    Robert Frazier, VP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 15,502,060 sq. ft.
    Properties: 78

  33. Vestar

    2425 E. Camelback Rd., #750
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    PH: 602.866.0900 FAX: 602.955.2298
    [email protected]
    Richard Kuhle, President; David Larcher, EVP; Richard Hearn, Director, Leasing;
    Paul Rhodes, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 14,100,000 sq. ft.

  34. DLC Management Corp.

    580 White Plains Rd.
    Tarrytown, NY 10591
    PH: 914.631.3131 FAX: 914.206.4438
    [email protected]
    Adam Ifshin, President; Steve Ifshin, Chairman; Michael Cohen, EVP, Leasing; Patrick Tandy, VP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 14,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 69

  35. J.J. Gumberg Co.

    1051 Brinton Rd.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    PH: 412.244.4000 FAX: 421.244.4049
    [email protected]
    Ira J. Gumberg, President & CEO; Fred Retaino, EVP; Dan Czerwinski, SVP, Retail Leasing; Edward J. Ponczak, SVP & Director, Construction & Operations
    Total GLA Owned: 13,825,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 32

  36. Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

    50 Public Sq.
    Cleveland, OH 44113
    PH: 216.621.6060
    Charles Ratner, President & CEO;
    James Ratner, EVP; Michael Stevens, EVP, Retail Leasing; Richard Pesin, Director;
    Joginder Singh, EVP, Commercial Construction;
    Robert Sanna, Director
    Total GLA Owned: 11,320,577 sq. ft.
    Properties: 42

  37. Colonial Properties Trust

    2101 6th Ave. N, Ste. 750
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    PH: 205.250.8700 FAX: 205.250.8890
    C. Reynolds Thompson, III, CEO;
    Weston Andress, President & CFO
    Total GLA Owned: 11,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 48

  38. Kamin Realty Co.

    P.O. Box 10234
    Pittsburgh, PA 15232
    PH: 412.661.5233 FAX: 412.661.3228
    [email protected]
    Daniel G Kamin, President & CEO; Chuck Reali, VP; Robert Lang, VP, Real Estate & Legal Counsel
    Total GLA Owned: 10,587,929 sq. ft.
    Properties: 201

  39. Hull Storey

    1190 Interstate Pkwy.
    Augusta, GA 30909
    PH: 706.863.2222 FAX: 706.868.7457
    John Gibson, President; Jim Hull, Barry Storey, Member Managers; Ky Widener, VP, Leasing; Woody Hughes, VP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 10,271,804 sq. ft.
    Properties: 52

  40. Cedar Shopping Centers

    44 South Bayles Ave.
    Port Washington, NY 11050
    PH: 516.767.6492 FAX: 516.767.6497
    Leo S. Ullman, Chairman, CEO & President; Thomas J. O'Keeffe, CFO; Thomas Richey, VP of Development and Construction;
    Nancy Mozzachio, VP, Leasing
    Total GLA Owned: 10,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 100

  41. Acadia Realty Trust

    1311 Mamaroneck Ave., Ste. 260
    White Plains, NY 10605
    PH: 914.288.8100 FAX: 914.428.3528
    Kenneth Bernstein, President & CEO;
    Joel Braun, Chief Investment Officer;
    Joseph J. Povinelli, SVP & Director of Leasing;
    Joseph Hogan, SVP & Director of Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 10,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 74

  42. Aronov Realty Management Inc.

    3500 Eastern Blvd.
    Montgomery, AL 36116
    PH: 3342771000 FAX: 3342720747
    [email protected]
    Jake Aronov, Chairman & CEO;
    Owen Aronov, President;
    Marcus Bruchis, VP & Director, Leasing;
    Steve Tompkins, VP & Director, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 9,541,641 sq. ft.
    Properties: 41

  43. Dial Cos.

    11506 Nicholas St., #200
    Omaha, NE 68154
    PH: 402.493.2800 FAX: 402.493.8069
    Donald Day, Chairman; John Hughes, President & CFO; Matt McCombs, Director of Leasing; Jim Thorburn, CEO
    Total GLA Owned: 9,370,453 sq. ft.
    Properties: 39

  44. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.

    3200 Northline Avenue, Ste. 360
    Greensboro, NC 27408
    PH: 336.292.3010 FAX: 336.852.7954
    [email protected]
    Stanley K. Tanger, Chairman & CEO;
    Steven B. Tanger, President & COO;
    Lisa Morrison, SVP, Leasing; Kevin Dillon, SVP, Construction and Development
    Total GLA Owned: 9,100,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 32

  45. Zamias Services/George D. Zamias Real Estate

    300 Market St.
    Johnstown, PA 15901
    PH: 814.535.3563 FAX: 814.536.5969
    Samuel C. Zamias, President & CEO;
    Stephen G. Zamias, President & CEO;
    Perry D. Russ, EVP; Keith C. Vasas, VP, Construction and Development
    Total GLA Owned: 8,329,722 sq. ft.
    Properties: 32

  46. The Irvine Co. Retail Properties

    100 Innovation Dr.
    Irvine, CA 92617
    PH: 949.720.3100 FAX: 949.720.3101
    Keith Eyrich, President; Russell Lowe, SVP, Operations; Jeff Dodd, SVP, Leasing;
    Jerry Engen, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 8,147,326 sq. ft.
    Properties: 36

  47. Breslin Realty Development Corp.

    500 Old Country Rd.
    Garden City, NY 11530
    PH: 516.741.7400 FAX: 516.741.7128
    [email protected]
    Wilbur F. Breslin, President; Paul Berger, EVP; Robert Delavale, Director, Leasing; Robert Rosenberg, Director, Property Management
    Total GLA Owned: 8,000,000 sq. ft.

  48. Fletcher Bright Co.

    537 Market St., Ste. 400
    Chattanooga, TN 37402
    PH: 423.755.8830 FAX: 423.756.1780
    George T. Bright, President; Cliff Martin, EVP
    Total GLA Owned: 7,800,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 115

  49. Donahue Schriber

    200 E. Baker St., Ste. 100
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    PH: 714.545.1400 FAX: 714.545.4222
    [email protected]
    Patrick S. Donahue, President & CEO;
    Lawrence P. Casey, COO; Paul Trapp, VP, Leasing
    Total GLA Owned: 7,327,354 sq. ft.
    Properties: 63

  50. Sandor Development Co.

    2220 N. Meridian St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
    PH: 317.925.9011 FAX: 317.927.0725
    [email protected]
    Sidney Eskenazi, Founder;
    David Eskenazi, President, Indianapolis Office;
    Jay D. Stein, President, Scottsdale Office
    Total GLA Owned: 6,805,875 sq. ft.

  51. Saul Centers Inc.

    7501 Wisconsin Ave., Ste 1500
    Bethesda, MD 20814-6522
    PH: 301.986.6200 FAX: 301.986.6079
    Total GLA Owned: 6,170,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 42

  52. NewMark Merrill Cos.

    5850 Canoga Ave., Ste. 650
    Woodland HIlls, CA 91367
    PH: 818.710.6100 FAX: 818.710.6116
    [email protected]
    Sandy Sigal, CEO;
    Brad Pearl, VP, Leasing and Acquisitions;
    David Sandel, VP, Operations
    Total GLA Owned: 6,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 48

  53. Kite Realty Group Trust

    30 South Meridian St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    PH: 317.577.5600
    John A. Kite, President & CEO; Thomas K. McGowan, COO; Gregg Poetz, SVP, Leasing; Thomas K. McGowan, COO
    Total GLA Owned: 5,231,434 sq. ft.
    Properties: 49

  54. Westwood Financial Corp.

    11440 San Vicente Blvd., #200
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
    PH: 310.820.5443 FAX: 310.207.5154
    [email protected]
    Howard Banchik, President; Steven Fogel, Secretary; Paul Forbat, Director, Leasing
    Total GLA Owned: 5,030,195 sq. ft.
    Properties: 83

  55. Carpionato

    1414 Atwood Ave.
    Johnston, RI 02929
    PH: 401.273.6800 FAX: 401.751.2479
    Total GLA Owned: 5,000,000 sq. ft.

  56. Cole Capital

    2555 E. Camelback Rd., Ste. 400
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    PH: 602.778.8700 FAX: 602.778.8780
    Chris Cole, CEO; Blair Koblenz, President
    Total GLA Owned: 5,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 171

  57. Combined Properties, Inc.

    1255 22nd St., NW, 6th Fl.
    Washington, DC 20037
    PH: 202.293.4500 FAX: 202.833.3013
    Ronald S. Haft, Chairman & CEO;
    Katherine Roberson, President; Andrew Nadler, SVP, Leasing; Kurt Meeske, VP, Project Management & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 4,840,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 42

  58. The Peterson Cos.

    12500 Fair Lakes Circle
    Fairfax, VA 22033
    PH: 703.227.2000 FAX: 703.631.6481
    Milton V. Peterson, Founder & Chairman; James W. Todd, President; Marc Menick, VP, Leasing; Peter Hackett, SVP, Development & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 4,814,186 sq. ft.
    Properties: 10

  59. First Allied Corp.

    9601 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 744
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    PH: 310.275.8909 FAX: 310.275.8995
    [email protected]
    Ed Glazer, Principal; Kevin Glazer, Principal
    Total GLA Owned: 4,735,500 sq. ft.
    Properties: 65

  60. Chase Properties

    25825 Science Park Dr., Ste. 355
    Beachwood, OH 44122
    PH: 216.464.6626 FAX: 216.464.6346
    Stuart Kline, President;
    Andy Kline, SVP, Operations & Acquisitions;
    Matt Wilson, SVP, Leasing;
    Harvey Tesler, VP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 4,700,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 25

  61. Feldman Mall Properties

    1010 Northern Blvd., Ste. 314
    Great Neck, NY 11021
    PH: 516.684.1239 FAX: 516.684.1059
    [email protected]
    Larry Feldman, President & CEO;
    Jim Bourg, COO & EVP
    Total GLA Owned: 4,700,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 7

  62. J. Herzog & Sons, Inc.

    1720 S. Bellaire St., Ste. 1209
    Denver, CO 80222
    PH: 303.757.8811 FAX: 303.757.1911
    [email protected]
    Martin H. Herzog, President & CEO;
    F. Patrick Listermann, COO;
    Mark Huttner, Chief Investment Officer
    Total GLA Owned: 4,654,834 sq. ft.
    Properties: 17

  63. GK Development, Inc.

    303 E. Main St.
    Barrington, IL 60010
    PH: 847.277.9930 FAX: 847.277.9940
    [email protected]
    Garo Kholamian, President;
    Gregory C. Kveton, Principal, Development; Sherry Mast, SVP, Leasing;
    Dan Sullivan, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 4,636,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 17

  64. Passco Cos. LLC

    96 Corporate Park, Ste. 200
    Irvine, CA 92606
    PH: 949.442.1000 FAX: 949.442.2460
    [email protected]
    Bill Winn, President; Gary Smith, SVP; Alan Clifton, Vice President, Leasing & Disposition
    Total GLA Owned: 4,500,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 25

  65. Steiner + Associates

    4016 Townsfair Way, Ste. 201
    Columbus, OH 43219
    PH: 614.414.7300 FAX: 614.414.7311
    [email protected]
    Yaromir Steiner, CEO; Barry Rosenberg, President; Doug Tilson, SVP, Leasing;
    Ralph Ireland, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 4,300,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 6

  66. Belz Enterprises

    100 Peabody Place, Ste. 1400
    Memphis, TN 38173
    PH: 901.260.7348 FAX: 901.260.7378
    [email protected]
    Jack Belz, Chairman; Ron Belz, President;
    Morris Thomas, VP & Leasing Director;
    Jack Beardon, VP, Architecture & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 4,210,011 sq. ft.
    Properties: 34

  67. Cousins Properties Inc.

    2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy.
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    PH: 770.955.2200 FAX: 770.857.2360
    Thomas D. Bell, Jr., Chairman, CEO & President; Joel T. Murphy, President, Retail Division; Darryl D. Bonner, SVP;
    William I. Bassett, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 4,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 14

  68. RED Development, LLC

    6263 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 330/4717 Central
    Scottsdale/Kansas City, AZ/MO
    PH: 800.805.9202 FAX: 480.947.7997
    [email protected]
    Mike Ebert, Managing Partner, Development;
    Dan Lowe, Managing Partner, Development;
    Scott Rehorn, Managing Partner, Leasing;
    Jeff McMahon, Managing Partner
    Total GLA Owned: 4,171,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 8

  69. Selig Enterprises, Inc.

    1100 Spring St., NW, Ste. 550
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    PH: 404.876.5511 FAX: 404.875.2629
    Steve Selig, Chairman & President;
    Cathy Selig, SVP; Bill Stogner, SVP;
    Shirley A. Gouffon, SVP; Mindy Selig, VP;
    Bonnie Dean, VP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 4,105,260 sq. ft.
    Properties: 88

  70. S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

    1000 Bank of America Center
    Norfolk, VA 23510
    PH: 757.627.8611 FAX: 757.640.2281
    [email protected]
    Miles B. Leon, President;
    Richard Jacobson, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 3,972,451 sq. ft.
    Properties: 30

  71. Madison Marquette

    2001 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20006
    PH: 202.741.3818
    Amer Hammour, CEO;
    Gary Mottola, Chief Investment Officer;
    Jim Blue, SVP, National Leasing
    Total GLA Owned: 3,900,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 16

  72. Turnberry Associates

    19501 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 400
    Aventura, FL 33180
    PH: 305.937.6200 FAX: 305.933.5509
    [email protected]
    Jacquelyn Soffer, Principal; Philip S. Goldfarb, President & COO; Joseph P. Tagliola, President, Retail; Randy Flick, SVP, Construction, Retail, Hospitality & Office
    Total GLA Owned: 3,833,226 sq. ft.
    Properties: 7

  73. Urstadt Biddle

    321 Railroad Ave.
    Greenwich, CT 06830
    PH: 203.863.8200
    Charles J. Urstadt, CEO;
    Willing L. Biddle, President & COO
    Total GLA Owned: 3,700,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 37

  74. The Broadbent Co.

    201 N. Illinois St., 23rd Fl.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    PH: 317.237.2900 FAX: 317.237.2912
    George P. Broadbent, Owner; Joyce Bradley, EVP, Administration & Finance; Timothy C. Baker, EVP, Leasing & Sales; William E. Cooper, EVP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 3,618,847 sq. ft.
    Properties: 37

  75. Lamar Cos.

    365 South St.
    Morristown, NJ 07960
    PH: 973.285.0660 FAX: 973.285.9236
    [email protected]
    Mark Kalkus, President;
    Cory Boss, EVP; Jefffrey James, VP;
    Lavinia Sherman-Truelove, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 3,470,460 sq. ft.
    Properties: 23

  76. Agree Realty Corp.

    31850 Northwestern Hwy.
    Farmington Hills, MI 48334
    PH: 248.737.4190 FAX: 248.737.9110
    Richard Agree, President & CEO
    Total GLA Owned: 3,355,234 sq. ft.
    Properties: 30

  77. Crosland

    227 W. Trade St., Ste. 800
    Charlotte, NC 28202
    PH: 704.529.1166 FAX: 704.676.1587
    [email protected]
    Peter B. Pappas, President, Retail Division; Susan McGuire, SVP, Operations, Retail Division; Ryan Preston, Director, Leasing, Retail Division; David Smith, VP, Retail Construction, Retail Division
    Total GLA Owned: 3,193,632 sq. ft.
    Properties: 21

  78. The Goodman Co.

    777 South Flagler Dr., Ste. 1101, East Tower
    West Palm Beach, FL 33401
    PH: 561.833.3777 FAX: 561.832.4833
    Murray H. Goodman, Chairman, President; John W. Dowd, SVP, Development;
    Bob Saffran, SVP, Leasing;
    Jim Hackett, SVP, Design & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 3,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 12

  79. Thomas Enterprises

    45 Ansley Dr.
    Newman, GA 30263
    PH: 678.423.5445 FAX: 678.423.5460
    Stanley E. Thomas, Chairman;
    Bruce Williams, CEO; Ward Kampf, President, Retail Leasing; Kevin B. Case, EVP
    Total GLA Owned: 3,000,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 10

  80. Noddle Cos.

    1125 S. 103rd St., #450
    Omaha, NE 68124-0169
    PH: 402.496.1616 FAX: 402.496.6250
    [email protected]
    Jay B. Noddle, President & CEO; Joseph Kirshenbaum, Vice Chairman; Robert Slecata, National Director, Leasing; Jeff Kirshenbaum, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 2,814,940 sq. ft.
    Properties: 44

  81. The Sembler Co.

    5858 Central Ave.
    St. Petersburg, FL 33707
    PH: 727.384.6000 FAX: 727.343.4272
    Mel Sembler, Chairman; Craig Sher, President & CEO; Steve Aitnoff, VP, Leasing;
    Jeff Fuqua, President, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 2,550,335 sq. ft.
    Properties: 21

  82. Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC

    2660 EastChase Lane, Ste. 100
    Montgtomery, AL 36117
    PH: 334.260.2500 FAX: 334.260.2533
    [email protected]
    Jim Wilson, III, Chairman & CEO; Will Wilson, President; Woody Rush, SVP, Leasing;
    Bob Scarbrough, SVP, Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 2,450,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 2

  83. Juster Development Corp.

    303 S. Broadway, Ste. 450
    Tarrytown, NY 10591
    PH: 914.524.7700 FAX: 914.525.0322
    [email protected]
    Gary Juster, President; Peter Wilcox, Director, Leasing; Robert Skovan, Property Manager
    Total GLA Owned: 2,450,000 sq. ft.

  84. Ronus Properties

    3290 Northside Pkwy, Ste. 250
    Atlanta, GA 30327
    PH: 678.553.4000 FAX: 678.553.4000
    Rick Langhorne, President;
    Mindy McCloskey, CFO; Jackie Wammock, SVP;
    Paul Bailey, Director, Design & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 2,448,243 sq. ft.
    Properties: 5

  85. Bayer Properties, LLC

    2222 Arlington Ave.
    Birmingham, AL 35205
    PH: 205.939.3111 FAX: 205.939.3149
    Jeffery Bayer, CCIM, President & Principal; David Silverstein, Principal; Libby Lassiter, EVP Retail Development & Leasing;
    Darrell Bovee, SVP, Design & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 2,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 10

  86. Poag & McEwen Lifestyle Centers

    6410 Poplar Ave., Ste. 850
    Memphis, TN 38119
    PH: 901.761.7604 FAX: 901.761.5325
    Dan Poag, CEO; Terry McEwen, President; Edward Cronin, SVP, Leasing;
    Roy Vice, SVP, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 2,014,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 5

  87. Sudberry Properties, Inc.

    5465 Moorehouse Dr., #260
    San Diego, CA 92121
    PH: 858.546.3000 FAX: 858.546.3009
    Tom Sudberry, President; Colton Sudberry, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 1,799,686 sq. ft.
    Properties: 10

  88. Lewis Operating Corp.

    P.O. Box 670
    Upland, CA 91786
    PH: 909.985.0971
    Richard A. Lewis, President;
    Randall W. Lewis, EVP & Director, Marketing;
    Janice Jasper, VP, Retail Leasing;
    Gary Bauer, VP, Commercial Development
    Total GLA Owned: 1,729,567 sq. ft.
    Properties: 26

  89. Lauth Property Group

    401 Pennsylvania Pkwy.
    Indianapolis, IN 46280
    PH: 317.848.6500 FAX: 317.848.6511
    [email protected]
    Jensie Teague, SVP, Retail;
    Lawrence Evinger, First VP, Retail;
    James Davis, VP, Retail Leasing;
    Francis Eppink, VP, Construction Operations
    Total GLA Owned: 1,718,799 sq. ft.
    Properties: 8

  90. Courtelis Co.

    703 Waterford Way
    Miami, FL 33126
    PH: 305.261.4330 FAX: 305.261.4338
    [email protected]
    W. Douglas Pitts, Sr., CEO; Elias Vassilaros, EVP; Rod Castan, VP; W. Douglas Pitts, Jr., President, Construction Division
    Total GLA Owned: 1,667,426 sq. ft.
    Properties: 16

  91. Woolbright Development Co.

    3200 N. Military Trail, 4th Fl.
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    PH: 561.989.2240
    Duane Stiller, President; Larry Bernick, COO; Mike Fimiani, EVP, Leasing & Marketing
    Total GLA Owned: 1,563,797 sq. ft.
    Properties: 15

  92. Westrust

    580 California St., Ste. 1700
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    PH: 415.489.1700 FAX: 415.489.1721
    [email protected]
    Ricardo Capretta, Managing Partner;
    Charles Smith, Managing Director;
    Sean Whiskeman, Leasing & Marketing Manager;
    Damir Priskich, Development Manager
    Total GLA Owned: 1,486,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 5

  93. Mattiace Co.

    125 S. Congress St., Ste. 1800
    Jackson, MS 39201
    PH: 601.352.1818 FAX: 601.352.1820
    [email protected]
    Andrew Mattiace, President; Mark McCormack, SVP; A.S. Hearron, SVP
    Total GLA Owned: 1,402,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 16

  94. Crown Realty & Development

    18201 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 950
    Irvine, CA 92612
    PH: 949.476.2200 FAX: 949.862.1044
    Robert Flaxman, CEO; Scott San Filippo, COO; Jim O'Neil, EVP; Jim O'Neil, EVP
    Total GLA Owned: 1,300,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 2

  95. Menin Development Cos. Inc.

    11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., Ste. 2202
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
    PH: 561.282.5000 FAX: 561.282.5001
    [email protected]
    Craig I. Menin, President; Robert C. Jacoby, COO; Darryl Kaplan, President, Menin Realty; Jame Mahrer, Director, Development & Construction
    Total GLA Owned: 1,200,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 8

  96. Carl M. Freeman Companies

    18330 Village Center Dr., 2nd Fl.
    Olney, MD 20832
    PH: 240.779.8000 FAX: 240.779.8181
    [email protected]
    Frank G. Edwards, President; Michael T Reilly, VP, Commercial Real Estate; Roger Gerst, Director, Leasing; Henry Resnikoff, Director, Development
    Total GLA Owned: 1,187,250 sq. ft.
    Properties: 12

  97. The Bedrin Organization, LLC

    65 Harristown Rd., Ste. 301
    Glen Rock, NJ 07452
    PH: 201.612.8800 FAX: 201.612.8801
    [email protected]
    Gerald Bedrin, Partner; Paul Bedrin, Partner; Garret Bedrin, Director of Acquisitions
    Total GLA Owned: 1,062,287 sq. ft.
    Properties: 6

  98. Divaris Real Estate, Inc.

    One Columbus Center, Ste. 700
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    PH: 757.497.2113 FAX: 757.497.1338
    [email protected]
    Gerald S. Divaris, Chairman & CEO; Michael B. Divaris, President; Gerald S. Divaris, Chairman & CEO
    Total GLA Owned: 950,000 sq. ft.
    Properties: 2

  99. AMC Delancey Group Inc.

    718 Arch Street, Ste. 400 N.
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    PH: 215.627.6500 FAX: 215.627.6585
    [email protected]
    Kenneth P. Balin, President & CEO;
    Michael C. Wachs, VP
    Total GLA Owned: 756,816 sq. ft.
    Properties: 6

  100. Coyote Management, L.P.

    16475 Dallas Parkway, Ste. 250
    Addison, TX 75001
    PH: 972.248.9375 FAX: 972.248.0871
    Michael Rulli, CEO; Robert Lee, President;
    Jet Leonard, VP, Leasing
    Total GLA Owned: 555,400 sq. ft.
    Properties: 1

Our rankings are based on total retail GLA owned and managed, as reported by companies. Respondents were asked to include GLA through Dec. 31 and report only retail GLA and only their percentage of ownership in joint ventures. A few companies did not respond to the survey and in these cases pertinent information was obtained from annual reports and Web sites, where possible.

If your company is not included in this year's list and you think it should be, please contact [email protected] and ask that your firm be added to our database for next year's rankings.

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