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The Top 10 Intermediaries

1 USA Funding Inc. 108 W. Carmel Drive Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: (317) 818-9999 (888) 840-0123 Fax: (317) 818-9995 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $900 million Officers: Michael D. Surber, Pres.; Brian J. Tatay, Exec. VP; David L. Rowe, Underwriting Mgr. Offices: Louisville, KY; Columbus, OH Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Midwest: $810,000,000 Southeast: $90,000,000

Lending goal 1998: $1.5 billion

2 Wall Street Equity Brokers Inc. 222 Bloomingdale Road White Plains, NY 10605 Phone: (914) 997-0081 Fax: (914) 997-2986 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $800 million Officers: Fenton N. Soliz, Pres.; Chester P. Soliz, Exec. VP; Julio Salazar, VP Mortgage Lending (Retail); Tom Ginis, VP Mktg./Corp. Comm. Offices: Coral Gables, FL Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Midwest: $65,000,000 Northeast: $350,000,000 Southeast: $100,000,000 Southwest: $235,000,000 West: $$50,000,000

Lending goal 1998: $1 billion

3 L.J. Melody & Co. 5847 San Felipe, Suite 4400 Houston, TX 77057 Phone: (713) 787-1900 Fax: (713) 787-1951 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $776,794,348 Officers: Lawrence J. Melody, Pres.; Thomas J. Melody, Exec. VP

Major projects financed 1997: Tysons Corner, McLean, VA, Amount: $220 million; Glendale Marketplace, CA, Amount: $24 million; The Galleria, Houston, TX, Amount: $160 million; University Square, San Diego, CA, Amount: $18 million; Fiesta Trails, San Antonio, TX, Amount: $28 million; Canyon Crest Town Center, Riverside, CA, Amount: $19 million

Lending goal 1998: $800 million

4 Daiwa Real Estate Finance Corp. One Financial Square, 32 Old Slip New York, NY 10005 Phone: (212) 612-6915 Fax: (212) 612-6976 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $570 million Officers: Frank Keane, Mng. Dir.; Ronald M. Stuart, Exec. VP; Warren Ashenmil, SVP; Evan Denner, SVP

Major projects financed 1997: Palm Glen Shopping Center, Phoenix, AZ, Amount: $9.5 million; Lido Plaza Shopping Center, Las Vegas, NV, Amount: $7 million; Shops at Fairlane, Dearborn, MI, Amount: $12.87 million; Promenade Shopping Center, Palm Beach Garden, FL, Amount: $15.3 million

Lending goal 1998: $750 million

5 Bernard Financial Group 28300 Franklin Road Southfield, MI 48034 Phone: (248) 799-9200 Fax: (248) 799-9208 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $350 million Officers: Dennis S. Bernard, Pres.; Laura A. Blake, Exec. VP; Neil Gorosh, Dave Levinson, VP Mortgage Lending (Retail); Frank Celeskey, VP Mktg./Corp. Comm. Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Midwest: $350,000,000

Lending goal 1998: $500 million

6* Johnson Capital Group Inc. 18500 Von Karman Ave., Suite 500 Irvine, CA 92612 Phone: (714) 660-1999 Fax: (714) 660-1998 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $250 million Officers: Guy K. Johnson, Pres.; Richard C. Caterina, Kevin J. Burkhalter, Dana A. Ostenson, Larry Beech, Karl S. Owens, SVPs; Gregory J. West, S. Amos Smith, Kosta Duncan, Geoff Arrobio, VPs Mortgage Lending (Retail) Offices: Los Angeles; San Diego; Phoenix; Salt Lake City, UT Amt. arranged/committed by Region: West: $250,000,000

Major projects financed 1997: Paradise Village Gateway, Phoenix, AZ, Amount: $19 million; Promenade at Westlake, Westlake, CA, Amount: $39 million; Olympiad Plaza, Mission Viejo, CA, Amount: $6 million; Sunset in Green Valley, Henderson, NV, Amount: $3.5 million; Dermody Business Center, Las Vegas, NV, Amount: $14.8 million; Northwood Town Center, Irvine, CA, Amount: $16 million

Lending goal 1998: $800 million

6* Northland Financial Co. 3600 W. 80th St., Suite 250 Minneapolis, MN 5543 Phone: (612) 921-8000 Fax: (612) 921-8021 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $250 million Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Midwest: $200,000,000 Southwest: $200,000,000 West: $200,000,000

Major projects financed 1997: Phoenix Corporate center, Phoenix, AZ, Amount: $27.5 million; Murrieta Town Center, Murrieta, CA, Amount: $20 million; Tacoma Place, Tacoma, WA, Amount: $19.5 million; Noland Fashion Square, Independence, MO, Amount: $18.525 million; Yoahan Plaza, Torrance, CA, Amount: $10.5 million; Northcourt Commons, Minneapolis, MN, Amount: $11.44 million

Lending goal 1998: $800 million

8 Legg Mason Real Estate Services 1735 Market St., 12th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103-7501 Phone: (215) 496-3000 Fax: (215) 496-3077 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $241 million Officers: Walter D'Alessio, Pres.; Eugene J. Veneziale, Exec. VP; R. Craig Butchenhart, VP Mortgage Lending (Retail); Timothy F. O'Connor, VP Mktg./Corp. Comm. Offices: Harrisburg, PA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta; Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Boca Raton, FL Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Northeast: $78,000,000 Southeast: $163,000,000

Major projects financed 1997: Latham Circle Mall, Latham, NY, Amount: $25.5 million; Lakeside Center, Boca Raton, FL, Amount: $14.5 million; Trolley Station, Memphis, TN, Amount: $12.3 million; Shoppes at Blue Bell, Blue Bell, PA, Amount: $12 million; The Market at Wolfcreek, Memphis, TN, Amount: $11 million; Giant at Eldersburg, Eldersburg, MD, Amount: $9.5 million

Lending goal 1998: $1.1 billion

9 PNS Realty Partners 429 Fourth Ave., Suite 1100 Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1503 Phone: (412) 281-8714 Fax: (412) 281-2792 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $222 million Officers: John H. Pelusi Jr., Pres. Offices: Indianapolis, IN; Merrillville, IN; Louisville, KY; Lexington, KY

Lending goal 1998: $250 million

10 Sonnenblick-Goldman Co. 445 Park Ave. New York, NY 10022 Phone: (212) 980-7600 Fax: (212) 230-0750 Amt. Arranged/Retail: $215.85 million Officers: John I. Bracower, Pres.; Paul M. Stern, Andrew S. Oliver, Kenneth Ziebelman, Managing Directors Offices: Washington, D.C.; Miami; Denver; Los Angeles; San Francisco Amt. arranged/committed by Region: Midwest: $11,000,000 Northeast: $53,000,000 Southeast: $68,100,000 Southwest: $36,000,000 West: $47,750,000

Major projects financed 1997: Potrero Center, San Francisco, Amount: $33.4 million; Palm Springs Mile, Hialeah, FL, Amount: $68.1 million; Kipps Bay Shopping Center, New York, Amount: $50 million; Stephanie Street, Henderson, NV, Amount: $36 million

Lending goal 1998: $1.5 billion

Lenders, Ranking Atherton Capital Inc., 22 Bear, Stearns & Co., 14* CIBC Oppenheimer, 4 CS First Boston, 3 Capital Lease Funding L.P., 14* Continental Wingate Capital, 25* Crestar Bank, 23* Dover House Capital LLC, 14* First Security Commercial, 25* Fleet Bank, 11* GE Capital Real Estate, 10 Goldman Sachs, 6* Heller Financial Inc., 17* Hypo Bank, 13 KeyBank National Association, 9 LaSalle National Bank, 19 Lehman Brothers, 1 Liberty Mortgage Acceptance Corp., 20 Midland Loan Services L.P., 21 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, 6* NationsBanc Montgomery Sec., 11* Nomura Capital, 2 Northland Financial Co., 17* The Principal Financial Group, 5 Summit Bank, 23* TransAtlantic Capital Co., 8

Intermediaries, Ranking Bernard Financial Group, 5 Daiwa Real Estate Finance Corp., 4 Johnson Capital Group Inc., 6* L.J. Melody & Co., 3 Legg Mason Real Estate Services, 8 Northland Financial Co., 6* PNS Realty Partners,9 Sonnenblick-Goldman Co., 10 USA Funding Inc., 1 Wall Street Equity Brokers, 2

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