Argus Financial Software Argus Financial Software enables companies to analyze their real estate cash flow. The Houston-based firm's leading software product, Lease by Lease, is used around the world by all types and sizes of real estate operations, including banks, insurance companies, mortgage bankers, appraisers, developers, individual investors, property and asset managers, investment funds, pension funds and their advisers, portfolio managers, brokerage firms, consultants and regulatory agencies, and by colleges and universities as a teaching tool.

In June 1999, Argus acquired Dyna and began to link products for users of both systems. In September 1999, Argus released version 8.6 of its software, with enhancements to the portfolio functions, tenant categories, VAT and user-defined property types. The same month, the company also released Argus International for use in Europe, particularly Great Britain, Asia and Australia. In November, the Argus Report Writer and the Argus Stacking Plan were released - the Stacking Plan can be downloaded directly off Argus' Website. The company also completed the Argus Loan System, which provides new functions for debt holders. Another version of the Loan System will be released to the general public later in 2000.

Mark Tucker, president and CEO, accepted on behalf of Argus Financial Software.

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