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Tracking Trends at the Trade Expo

The Trade Exposition portion of the annual ICSC Spring Convention promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

The Trade Expo has expanded both its size and hours of operation. ICSC has 358 registered exhibitors on tap for the 2007 event — 28 more than last year. In addition, about 10 percent of the exhibitors are new this year, with companies showcasing everything from outdoor advertising products to machines that produce fake snow.

Both the Trade Expo and Leasing Mall receive a welcome expansion at this year's convention, which runs from May 20 to 23. “The trade show, along with the rest of the show has expanded,” says Patrice Duker, a spokesperson for ICSC. The Leasing Mall has expanded from 1.5 million square feet to 2 million square feet, while the Trade Expo has increased a modest amount — to 134,000 square feet from 130,000 square feet. ICSC has also expanded the operating hours for the Trade Expo, which will be open Sunday, May 21 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.; and Monday and Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Convention-goers will need to navigate more booths and a slightly different layout than past years. Attendees also need to be prepared to battle crowds. An estimated 50,000 people are expected at this year's event — 5,000 more than last year. In order to help attendees better navigate the exhibits and maximize their time, ICSC has launched a new interactive mapping tool. “Because of the size of the space this year, we're trying to make it as easy as possible for folks to navigate,” Duker says.

Visitors can log on to the ICSC Web site at and use a variety of interactive tools to preview both the Trade Expo and Leasing Mall. Visitors can also view the exhibitor list and search for exhibitors by category, keyword or booth number. They also can view an interactive map of the exposition floor. Another option is to create a personalized “Expo Planner” that will allow users to store and print a customized trade show floor plan.

The tool allows users to create an Expo Plan and make changes, such as adding exhibit booth stops into their plan. “The show is going to be even more massive this year with the larger Leasing Mall, so by factoring in exhibit locations when scheduling appointments, attendees can save a ton of time and a ton of walking,” Duker says. As usual, the Trade Expo will offer a glimpse of some of the hottest trends in products and services related to the retail industry ranging from software to signage.

Software savings

Retail property owners and managers who would like to lessen the workload of CAM auditing will want to check out AvidXchange. The Charlotte, N.C.-based firm is an industry leader in providing paperless invoice management and electronic purchase order tools for real estate companies in the office, retail, multifamily and industrial sectors. AvidXchange will be showcasing its new automated CAM reporting process that debuted in March.

Traditionally, if a tenant or owner requested back-up documentation of CAM expenses, it was often a very tedious, manual process for mall management to find and photocopy the original paperwork. AvidXchange has a new feature that entirely automates that process by electronically creating a report for a particular property location or locations related specifically to CAM charges. “Within seconds, the system generates a PDF document with all the supporting invoices and images that support each charge,” says Mike Praeger, CEO and cofounder of AvidXchange.

Another new feature AvidXchange launched in March is its Fraud Monitoring Service. The service is designed to detect potential duplicate vendor invoices and suspicious activity before paying vendors. The fraud detection feature runs as an application extension within AvidInvoice. The monitoring service issues a daily dashboard report that highlights any potential duplicate vendor invoices and suspicious activities from the previous day.

Efficient exterior lighting

Energy efficiency is the dominant trend impacting form and function in exterior lighting products. “We are trying to listen to the industry in terms of green building and LEED certification that seem to be the industry buzz right now in terms of energy-efficient fixtures,” says Randy Long, vice president of marketing and sales at WLS Lighting in Fort Worth, Texas.

WLS is receiving more requests for lighting plans that can be used in LEED certification, a green building designation issued by the U.S. Green Building Council. Yet in conjunction with that focus on energy efficiency, the proliferation of lifestyle and other open-air shopping centers is creating more demand for functional, high-wattage exterior fixtures that also offer a decorative design.

WLS is promoting its new high-performance bollard fixture, a ground lighting system that allows the client to light sidewalks and walkways with fewer lights. The bollard's unique reflective lamp system throws the light more effectively. For example, where previous systems may have required 10 bollards, the new performance series use six to seven bollards to provide the same amount of illumination, Long says.

Another energy-efficient design is WLS's new 386 model, a decorative exterior fixture that is capable of utilizing higher wattages.

“We recognize that some of the new landscape designs want to incorporate decorative fixtures in the parking lot,” Long says.

The 386 is a decorative exterior light fixture that can sustain higher wattages — 750 watts — and yet still offers a decorative look.

LED lights up

One of the trends that continues to impact the signage industry is the ongoing evolution of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. “Although LED has been out for several years, it as been perfected more in the last few years, and it is becoming more widely used,” says Craig White, president of Priority Sign Inc. in Sheboygan, Wis.

White LED has made giant strides in recent years. White LED has typically run hotter than other colors, which gave it a very short life cycle. However, advances have improved the power supplies to the white LED, which allows for a longer life. Many white LEDs now come with a five-year warranty. Those improvements are important, because white LED lends itself to many different color variations. For example, while colors such as orange or green are standard, improvements to the white LED allow for a number of different shades of those colors.

Despite the advances in LED lighting, the majority of signs continue to use neon. The shift to LED is occurring, albeit at a modest pace, White notes. LED is a more costly product. However, the higher up-front costs are paid back over time due to lower electricity use, longer life cycle and less maintenance. LED uses significantly less power. For example red LED uses up to 80 percent electrical power compared to red neon.

New RMU designs

One of the new retail merchandising unit (RMU) designs EG Retail will be showcasing at the ICSC convention is the Frame. The unique design combines new materials with tiered merchandising display areas. “This represents a new evolution of what you can do with an RMU. It doesn't have to be a rectangle anymore,” says Terri Boettingheimer, a senior vice president at Grapevine, Texas-based EG Retail.

The Frame uses unique materials such as new metal laminates, a suspended lighting system and shelving that reveals bamboo slices between acrylic. The Frame also showcases a number of different ways to merchandise with accessories such as signage and acrylic cup holders that can be decorative additions. “We're trying to help the tenant visually merchandise their unit — to set it up like a boutique store,” Boettingheimer says.

Customers are still clamoring for more merchandising and storage space. Yet the demand for highly functional units is coupled with the desire to create fresh new designs. “We're hearing very consistently that our customers want us to reach, and design something that is unique and new,” Boettingheimer says. “I welcome that kind of challenge. The industry is so ready for a brand-new design.”

Another focus for EG Retail at this year's Trade Expo is to continue to spread the word about its new name. In February, the firm's parent company, Exhibitgroup/Giltspur, rebranded the T L Horton Design division as EG Retail in the United States and SDD Retail overseas.

Changing the mall image

Among the many design trends on display at the convention's Design Trends Hall will be mall renovations that create a new “hybrid” property that blends indoor and outdoor retail opportunities. “These creative expansions are incorporating outdoor elements that are extending the retail experiences from an enclosed environment to an outdoor environment,” says James Heller, president of ka architecture in Cleveland.

Brookfield Square is a 1.1-million-square-foot mall in Brookfield, Wis. that is taking advantage of a significant renovation to create a more inviting exterior with steps such as adding new exterior exposures to some shops and restaurants. The renovation will also create some exterior main streets with seating and lighting that makes the outside of the mall more inviting.

Traditionally, all the improvement dollars were spent on making the interior concourse more inviting to shoppers. “Today, developers are spending dollars on creating an exciting exterior exposure to these once drab malls,” Heller says. Another trend among these mall hybrids is to add restaurants and retail nodes within the parking fields, which helps to break down the size and scale of the massive parking areas. The smaller retail hubs lead to opportunities to create a town center atmosphere along with the enclosed mall, Heller notes.

Maximizing market potential

Mapping software has become part of the status quo when it comes to real estate site selection. But industry leaders such as Woburn, Mass-based geoVue are hoping to push industry expectations higher when it comes to location intelligence. “It's not about the maps, it's about the analysis behind the maps,” says Rudy Nadilo, CEO at geoVue.

A key focus at geoVue is making sure that a retail chain is optimizing its market potential — not putting too many or too few stores in a territory. “Before you map a site, you need to determine if that location is the right place to be,” Nadilo says. At geoVue the focus is on analyzing territories before they get put on the map.

The firm's iPLAN is a market optimization/market planning software that is able to determine how many stores a territory can accommodate. In some cases, chains may fall short of market capacity, while in other situations a chain may actually have too many stores for an area, resulting in low sales at individual stores.

For example, geoVue recently worked with a large regional restaurant chain to analyze its presence in the Atlanta area. The chain's existing 20 stores were generating total revenue of $44 million per year or an average per restaurant revenue of $2.2 million. The chain thought it had saturated the Atlanta market. But what geoVue found was that the market could hold 25 stores. So geoVue recommended adding five stores and relocating some of the older restaurants to better locations. The sales forecast on those changes were expected to boost same-store sales to $3.2 million and total revenues for the chain to $73.8 million — an increase of 17 percent. “We're showing retailers how to increase their presence in a market by nearly 20 percent. That's huge,” Nadilo says.

Location intelligence

In addition to showcasing its location intelligence tools and capabilities, MapInfo hopes to talk to attendees to gain some important insight on global expansion markets. “Our focus right now is really on expanding internationally,” says John Hobson, global director of predictive analytics at Troy, N.Y.-based MapInfo. In addition to the U.S. and Canada, MapInfo is providing its location analysis data and systems in the U.K., Australia and Spain.

One level of that international expansion effort involves talking to domestic firms — those companies based in the United States and Canada — to determine the global markets where MapInfo's location intelligence is needed. The demand for international market data is growing rapidly. MapInfo says it has received a significant number of requests from domestic firms for site, market and customer analysis capabilities in Europe and Asia.

A second component is providing that location intelligence data and technology to international firms that are expanding both in their own and other foreign countries. Currently, about 50 percent of MapInfo's business is split between domestic and international business, and going forward the company anticipates international business will represent a large percentage of the firm's growth, Hobson notes.

That international expansion focuses on MapInfo's AnySite desktop and online applications, as well as customized projects. AnySite analyzes the relationships between store performance and market trade area demographic characteristics. Essentially, customers such as developers, financial institutions, restaurant and retail chains can retrieve and map information from their proprietary databases and application-supplied databases to better analyze trade-area data when planning new locations or growth strategies.

New furniture fashion

Trade Expo newcomer SiteScapes Inc. will be introducing its products to convention attendees for the first time. The retail industry's continued focus on outdoor shopping centers is in part what drew SiteScapes to the retail industry, notes Ernie Johnson, president of SiteScapes in Lincoln, Neb. “Our product is very durable with a powder coat finish that is desirable for high traffic areas, which is a natural fit for the retail industry,” Johnson says.

Typically, SiteScapes provides its sturdy indoor and outdoor furnishings to government and other public institutions such as colleges and universities. SiteScapes produces powder-coated furnishings such as benches, café tables and chairs, trash receptacles, ash urns and planters. SiteScapes will be promoting its Avondale product line at the Trade Expo, which features a line of benches with a steel frame and wood slats. The firm also has a new wood and recycled plastic product line that it expects to release at the end of 2007.

Attendees also will be able to check out the latest site furnishing designs from DuMor, Inc. “The trend among landscape architects and architects is to focus on contemporary site furnishings,” says Stephen Shapard, sales manager at DuMor in Mifflintown, Pa. The firm will be showing off its new 169 series bench, as well as some new designs in its trash receptacles, ash urns and planters. The 169 bench uses an oval rather than round perforated seating material for a more contemporary design.

State-of-the-art awnings

Two products that Cooley Group will be promoting at this year's Trade Expo is its Weathertyte awning fabric, as well as its DreamScape digitally printable wall covering. The Weathertyte offers all the benefits of a vinyl in that it is completely wate-proof and weather-proof, and yet it looks and feels like a fabric, says Diane Rose, a spokesperson for the Cooley Group in Pawtucket, R.I. The Cooley Group uses the latest in chemical engineering technology to produce state-of-the-art polymer materials for use in a variety of applications such as awnings, banners and wall coverings.

Weathertyte was first introduced about a year ago, and has since been adopted for outdoor use by chains such as Saks, Macy's and Starbucks. Ruby Tuesday has even used Weathertyte panels to create a unique design feature above the bars inside its restaurants. “The material is also flame resistant, so it can be used virtually anywhere,” Rose says. The material also is available in six new colors — beige, coral, platinum, slate blue, terracotta and mauve.

DreamScape is an ink-jet printable vinyl substrate that is available in 12 standard textured surfaces, as well as a number of custom surfaces. DreamScape can be used in wall coverings, borders, murals, indoor sign displays and indoor banners. “The trend is in decoration opportunities and options that you can do with a more protective product, one that won't fade or sag, that still offers the flexibility and feel of a fabric,” Rose says.

These are just a few of the innovative products and services that will be on display at the ICSC Trade Exposition.



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Snowmasters - 975

Wattman Trains & Trams - 731


Bullock Smith & Partners, Inc. - 520

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