Retail Traffic


What type of real estate will the Sears-Kmart merger help most?
Power Centers 48.3%
Community Centers 32.6
Regional Malls 16.7
No answer 2.4
What type of real estate will it hurt the most?
Regional Malls 55.1%
Community Centers 23.5
Power Centers 15.6
No answer 5.8
Who is likely to be hurt most by the merger?
JCPenney 28.2%
Don't know 15.0
Sears 14.6
Wal-Mart 12.3
Target 12.3
Kohl's 5.8
Kmart 4.4
Other 3.7
No Answer 3.7
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I would expect further consolidation in the department-store business.
Agree 74.8%
No answer 9.5
Don't know 8.2
Disagree 7.5

Retail Traffic and sister publication National Real Estate Investor surveyed readers in the days following Kmart's acquisition of Sears. About 300 people responded; 73.5 percent of were real estate executives.

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