How has the Sept. 11 tragedy changed the way you feel about living and working in New York City?

“Watching the towers fall from our Midtown offices, and knowing the human tragedy that would result, was the most painful thing I have ever witnessed.

But New York will overcome this, and I will be here when it does.”
— Jay Sugarman, chairman and CEO, iStar Financial Inc., New York

“Our offices are located at One Chase Manhattan Plaza, so the tragedy was awfully close. But it has not changed any of the wonderful qualities of New York. In fact, the events highlight the strong spirit of New York in its ability to throb powerfully in the face of adversity.”
— Christian Halabi, managing director, Zurich Structured Finance Inc., New York

“Since the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, the world, along with the rest of the citizens of the United States, have rallied behind our great city. Some people have called New York City a tough town, but the compassion and love of our city has never been more apparent than it is today. Despite the barbaric acts of September 11th, I can think of no other place that I would rather live, work or relax than in New York City, the capital of the world.”
— Wm. Polk Carey, chairman, W. P. Carey & Co. LLC, New York

“At first, I was scared of being in the city because of the uncertainty of something else happening. This was after being forced to run for my life and abandon our office building. But after stepping back a bit, you realize that you work hard to build a life here. I've built a happy life. It would be ridiculous to let the terrorists stop what I'm doing here and what I've worked to build. I'm not leaving.”
— Anthony Paolone, analyst, CIBC World Markets, New York

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