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Welcome to Retail Traffic's Leaders in Retail Architecture 2008

I am pleased to present this year's Leaders In Retail Architecture. In its eleventh year, it continues to represent the most innovative architectural and design work the industry has to offer.

Our format remains the same, so you can expect to see a visual display of creativity as these firms showcase their best and brightest projects. As you read through the supplement, look for the commentary from top architects on trends and issues that are impacting the future of retailing during these challenging and often unpredictable times.

Today's architects and design professionals need to think well beyond design. As they sit down at the drawing boards, they must make decisions that define a community's social fabric and identity, create dynamic places that meet development goals and stay within increasingly tighter construction budgets.

The “green” phenomenon is no longer a trend, and it is fast becoming a standard that will have a significant impact on how lenders, developers, retailers, municipalities and architects collaborate on future development and redevelopment projects.

These architectural masterminds whose insights are shaping the retail, mixed-use and multi-use landscapes are finding that there is no perfect storm when it comes to development and redevelopment. Innovative nontraditional uses, sustainable development, vertical integration and flexible design are just a few of the best practices we are seeing today.


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