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Worth Noting

Every year there are several projects that catch our judges' eyes, but miss out on winning awards. Here are examples of a few projects that came close.

Americana at Brand

Caruso Affiliated clearly spared no expense in creating this retail mecca in Glendale, Calif. It fell just short of an award because the judges felt it was too similar to some of Caruso's previous works, such as The Grove. A lot of effort went into creating distinct looks throughout the project, but it did not gain quite enough votes to win an award.

Citrus Crossing

Judges gave points to Perkowitz+Ruth Architects for taking what had been a dark corridor in this Azusa, Calif. retail center and opening it up to create a focal point within the project. The theater was also given a fresh new look.


GHA design studios did a lot on a relatively small budget in creating a design for this seller of apparel for female shoppers aged 15 to 25. Judges were impressed with the way the lime circular design elements are carried through various parts of the project. However, they were less impressed with the store's facade, which ultimately kept the project from winning an award.

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