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Your Guide to 2000's Retail Software and Its Applications

Maybe you own a portfolio of shopping centers, and simply need to keep track of all the income they are generating. Perhaps you're in charge of leasing mall space, and want to be able to print out a graphic representation of your available slots and the stores that surround them.

Or you could be an asset manager that needs to slice, dice and report on the reams of data generated by the operations of the shopping centers under your care. Then again, you may be on the other side of the table completely - you could be a chain-store retailer that needs to keep tabs on what kind of rents your stores are paying in different markets throughout the country.

Whatever you have that needs doing, there's a piece of software out there that can help you do it better - and quite possibly faster and cheaper, too. Listed below are the makers of the top software packages currently available for use by the many players involved in today's retail real estate industry, along with an overview of their leading product offerings. If you've got a job that some new software might make easier, contact these companies directly for more information.

A select number of Internet companies also appear in the list that follows, and are marked with an asterisk (*).

ACG Professionals Inc. Headquarters: Atlanta

Phone: 404-658-9020


Primary Product(s): LDSOne

Function(s): Tracking leases from proposal through execution, LDSOne is a lease-abstracting system designed to bridge withmost popular property-management and accounting systems so that input redundancies are avoided.

Target User(s): Retail owners, managers, investors and leasing agents

In a Nutshell: ACG services include financial analysis and modeling, due diligence and lease abstracting, property management/accounting implementation and data conversion, off-the-shelf product offerings, and IT consulting, according to company head Todd Zeldin.

ARGUS Financial Software Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Phone: 713-621-4343


Primary Product(s): ARGUS Lease by Lease, ARGUS development & Unit Sales, DYNA for Windows

Function(s): Real estate software

Target User(s): Developers, brokers, appraisers, bankers and property managers.

In a Nutshell: ARGUS products perform valuation, underwriting, due diligence and investment analysis of all types of real estate for transaction-oriented customers.

ASI International Headquarters: Walnut Creek, Calif.

Phone: 925-906-4644 or 800-421-8191


Primary Product(s): Strategic Lease Processing (SLP)

Function(s): Lease processing

Target User(s): Retail owners, managers and leasing agents

In a Nutshell: SLP software features built-in workflows to automate entire leasing processes, including routine tasks such as approval routing, critical date reminders and lease creation.

AVM Technologies Headquarters: Valencia, Calif.

Phone: 661-295-9399


Primary Product(s): Realwise Millennium and Millennium "PLUS" for Windows

Function(s): Property and asset-management accounting, lease tracking, budgeting and job-cost accounting for the real estate industry

Target User(s): Developers, managers, owners, construction companies, and corporate real estate groups

In a Nutshell: Realwise Millennium offers full 32-bit Windows implementation and built-in distributed processing features for remote-site processing, according to AVM's Steve Sturgeon.

Captial Thinking Headquarters: New York, New York

Phone: 212-692-4000


Primary Product(s): Online Commercial Mortgage Marketplace

Function(s): Internet-enabled commercial capital sourcing and processing

Target User(s): Borrowers, brokers and lenders of commercial real estate

In a Nutshell: CapitalThinking combines the Internet with market-trained real estate mortgage professionals to substantially increase the speed and efficiency of securing commercial mortgage financing.

CENTERLINQ Headquarters: Van Nuys, Calif.

Phone: 818-909-6655


Primary Product(s): CENTERLINQ

Function(s): CENTERLINQ is a network of touch-screen computer kiosks and television monitors, located throughout the common areas of shopping centers, which combine interactive software technologies with traditional advertising to broaden a participating retailer's customer base and encourage repeat business to the shopping mall.

Target User(s): Mall developers, marketing directors, leasing agents and retail owners

In a Nutshell: CENTERLINQ's network consists of large video monitors in common areas and interactive kiosks that offer coupons, sales and premiums along with links to an advertiser's website.

*COMPS.COM Headquarters: San Diego

Phone: 619-578-3000


Primary Product(s): Spectrum and Pipeline

Function(s): Spectrum is a subscription-based report and analysis tool and data-warehousing application platform that allows users easy access to a variety of sale, lease and expense comparable data, property profiles, appraisal information and proprietary data. PipelineSM, a subscription-based search engine, allows you to search a database of published, unpublished and non-market transactions currently in the research process.

Target User(s): Commercial real estate professionals, lenders and appraisers

In a Nutshell: is a national provider of comprehensive real estate sales information. In addition to Spectrum and Pipeline, the company has created E-COMPS, another software tool allowing users to search for and purchase proprietary property reports.

CTI Limited Inc. Headquarters: Dallas

Phone: 972-776-3600


Primary Product(s): CTI Real Estate System, SingleStep Lease Entry, and Horizon Global Asset Planning

Function(s): CTI's SingleStep Lease Entry' ("SSLE'") provides automated workflow and approval for leasing agents. After a lease is signed, the actual contractual lease terms are exported from SSLE into the CTI Real Estate System' - CTI's property management and accounting modules.

Target User(s): Developers, owners, managers (including owners and fee managers), leasing agents, investors and advisers

In a Nutshell: CTI's Application Service Provider ("ASP") program allows Internet access to its applications for one low monthly fee - software, hardware, connectivity and support included.

DataScape Technologies Inc. Headquarters: Don Mills, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 416-443-1901


Primary Product(s): Daily Sales Advantage (DSA)

Function(s): Allows shopping center managers to track a center's retail sales on a daily basis.

Target User(s): Shopping center owners, managers and developers

In a Nutshell: DSA can be used by marketing managers to determine the performance of promotions. It can also be utilized by leasing personnel to highlight the performance of particular spaces and shopping centers.

Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI) Headquarters: Fresh Meadows, N.Y.

Phone: 800-HOW-EASI (469-3274)


Primary Product(s): Updated Demographic Software

Function(s): Demographic analysis, ring studies and Zip+4 clusters

Target User(s): Developers, analysts and direct mailers

In a Nutshell: EASI, publishers of The Right Site(r) CD ROMs with unlimited ring studies, updated demographics and more.

Integration Technologies Inc. Headquarters: Newport Beach, Calif.

Phone: 949-752-1440


Primary Product(s): AnySite

Function(s): Site analysis and site selection mapping and reporting system

Target User(s): Real estate executives, marketing professionals, corporate executives (retail, restaurant chains, real estate brokerage and development companies, convenience stores, financial services), entertainment company retailers (theater chains) and media companies

In a Nutshell: Integration Technologies (IT) is a leading developer of business intelligence software used in the implementation of a company's bricks-and-mortar strategy, from initial concept build-out to market capitalization.

J.D. Edwards World Solutions Co. Headquarters: Denver

Phone: 303-334-4695


Primary Product(s): J.D. Edwards OneWorld' and J.D. Edwards World' Software

Function(s): Fully integrated, multi-platform, enterprise-wide solutions designed for the real estate industry's needs.

Target User(s): Retail owners, developers, property managers, REITs, corporate real estate owners, and third-party facility managers

In a Nutshell: "J.D. Edwards has been providing integrated software solutions to the real estate industry since 1989," notes worldwide marketing specialist Staci Henderson.

Locus Communications Headquarters: Markham, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905-948-0093; 888-ASK-LOCUS


Primary Product(s): Locus Looking Glass Daily Sales Software and Locus Looking Glass Head Office Version

Function(s): Locus Looking Glass Software gathers daily sales data from retailers via touch-tone phone, allowing regional mall managers to generate reports that assist them in marketing.

Target User(s): Mall general and marketing managers; leasing representatives; investors, lenders, asset managers

In a Nutshell: "The Looking Glass system has been designed so that anybody with a working knowledge of Windows-based applications can use it effectively," says account executive Robert Burland.

Management Reports International Headquarters: Cleveland

Phone: 800-321-8770


Primary Product(s): MRI for Windows(r) suite

Function(s): The MRI for Windows(r) suite is a modular-based real estate management software for property and asset management.

Target User(s): Real estate managers, developers and investors worldwide

In a Nutshell: Management Reports International has been a provider of software and outsourcing solutions to the property management industry, including commercial, retail, residential, and manufactured housing, since 1971.

National Facilities Group Inc. Headquarters: Chicago

Phone: 312-223-9700


Primary Product(s): SLIM/Windows and SLIM32

Function(s): Commercial lease administration and property management

Target User(s): Corporate real estate departments, retail organizations, property owners, educational institutions, government agencies, developers and real estate-service organizations

In a Nutshell: "SLIM manages lease options, rental commitments, percentage rent issues, CAM reconciliation, lease clauses and much more," according to marketing manager Heather Gagnon.

National Research Bureau Headquarters: Wilton, Conn.

Phone: 800-456-4555


Primary Product(s): CD-ROM Shopping Center Directory

Function(s): Enables users to search the 38,000-center NRB database, print 10 different industry reports, and print mailing labels for key center contacts.

Target User(s): Retail owners/developers, brokers/leasing agents, retail chain store executives, shopping center managers, suppliers of goods and services to the shopping center industry

In a Nutshell: NRB data is licensed on a yearly basis. Support is given for as long as the product is licensed. Searchable data includes center name, geography, size, year open, marketing strategy, enclosed/strip and more.

Newstar Solutions Inc. Headquarters: U.S.: Rosemont, Ill.; Canada: Markham, Ontario

Phone: 847-318-9600 or 888-884-8866


Primary Product(s): Software

Function(s): Information management solutions

Target User(s): Commercial, retail and residential property owners, developers, managers and builders

In a Nutshell: "With Newstar, you can compare lease expiration, tenant roster, vacancy, security deposit and other data across companies, active projects, or lots," says spokesman David Lewand.

PlanData Systems Corp. Headquarters: Huntington, N.Y.

Phone: 516-427-9300


Primary Product(s): SpaceMan Software

Function(s): PlanData's SpaceMan software turns floor plans into business graphics by connecting them with property management, accounting and other types of data.

Target User(s): Retail owners, managers, leasing agents, investors and asset managers

In a Nutshell: "PlanData has been used to document over 175 million sq. ft. in 16 years," says company executive vice president Ronald Beattie.

* Headquarters: Los Angeles

Phone: 310-216-1144


Primary Product(s): Sales advertising for products and services

Function(s): Marketing and promotion of all types of products and services.

Target User(s): Vendors looking to promote their sales and store traffic and consumers looking to find out "what's on sale"

In a Nutshell: SalesMountain is a resource and portal for product and service-related sales information - in essence, an aggregated and searchable sales database. Vendors post their sales with SalesMountain.

* Headquarters: Seattle

Phone: 206-381-2001


Primary Product(s): -"The web's most advanced commercial real estate portal."

Function(s): links the nation's retailers with brokers, developers and investors to directly submit property for lease or sale.

Target User(s): Retailers, brokers, developers, property managers, investors and insurance users

In a Nutshell: Retailers use free of charge, reports spokesman David LePenske.

* Inc. Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Phone: 512-241-7400


Primary Product(s): An e-marketplace providing products, services and information needed to run commercial real estate properties.

Function(s): Through aggregated purchasing power and improved efficiency of acquisition, SiteStuff will reduce transaction costs, reduce cost of products and services and increase operating control of spending at the site level.

Target User(s): Commercial property owners and operators (office, multifamily, industrial, retail corporate and hospitality)

In a Nutshell: is the emerging e-marketplace for owners and operators of commercial real estate properties. By using web-based procurement and the consolidated buying power of multiple real estate portfolio owners and managers, SiteStuff will dramatically reduce the cost of property operations for its customers.

Spatial Insights Inc. Headquarters: Vienna, Va.

Phone: 800-347-5291


Primary Product(s): TrendMap - Trade Area Analysis System

Function(s): Allows owners to analyze retail store trade areas from customer-level POS data.

Target User(s): Retail owners

In a Nutshell: Spatial Insights Inc. provides project consulting and mapping services, mapping software, training, and customized geographic and demographic data products and mapping systems.

SRC LLC "Spatial Re-Engineering Consultants" Headquarters: Orange, Calif.

Phone: 714-516-2400


Primary Product(s):

Function(s): generates custom market information reports and fully interactive maps for any geography in the U.S. in seconds.

Target User(s): Developers, site-location experts, leasing agents, investors, retail owners, and brokers

In a Nutshell: SRC is a developer of custom Internet/Intranet micro-marketing and mapping systems and software.

SS&C Technologies Inc. Headquarters: Windsor, Conn.

Phone: 800-234-0556


Primary Product(s): SKYLINE II and PRO-JECT

Function(s): SKYLINE II is a real estate property and asset management software package; PRO-JECT is real estate investment analysis software.

Target User(s): Small property owners and fee managers, large institutional investors, commercial banks, life insurance companies, mortgage bankers, financial services firms

In a Nutshell: Available in single-user, network and multi-site configurations, SKYLINE II features full, 32-bit Windows(r) operation and complete integration of its management, accounting, reporting and analysis modules.

* Inc. Headquarters: Bethesda, Md.

Phone: 301-217-0100


Primary Product(s): Website dedicated to meeting the information needs of the retail real estate community

Function(s):'s database contains current information, including location, rates, site plans, photos, tenant and broker information on available properties across the country, 24 hours a day.

Target User(s): Landlords, developers, retailers and brokers

In a Nutshell: is a web-based service devoted to meeting the information needs of the retail real estate community.

Tactician Corp. Headquarters: Andover, Mass.

Phone: 800-927-7666

Website: or

Primary Product(s):, Site Targeter and Tactician

Function(s): Tactician's line of Internet and Tactician's line of desktop Geo-Marketing products feature geographically based sales, marketing and advertising functions.

Target User(s): Real estate managers and analysts, market researchers, marketing directors and advertising managers

In a Nutshell: Tactician's online and desktop products allow real estate, market research, marketing and advertising personnel to evaluate existing sites/markets, identify prospective site/market opportunities and develop appropriate marketing/advertising strategies.

Tetrad Computer Applications Inc. Headquarters: Bellingham, Wash.

Phone: 800-663-1334


Primary Product(s): PCensus - Profile and Target Edition

Function(s): Profiles new locations and targets a lessor's markets.

Target User(s): Leasing agents, property developers, retail chains, franchises and banks

In a Nutshell: PCensus gives a demographic profile report for user-defined study areas that can be described using circles, polygons, drive-times, or standard U.S. Census areas, according to Tetrad president Wilson Baker.

Timberline Software Corp. Headquarters: Beaverton, Ore.

Phone: 800-628-6583


Primary Product(s): Gold Collection(r) for Property Management

Function(s): Accounting, lease and maintenance management

Target User(s): Owners, developers and managers

In a Nutshell: The Gold Collection(r) for Property Management integrates accounting with lease administration and maintenance management. Recent enhancements include the adoption of client/server SQL database technology.

Trade Dimensions Headquarters: Wilton, Conn.

Phone: 800-563-3000


Primary Product(s): Retail Tenant Database

Function(s): Users can perform searches by location, retail categories and store classifications to find the exact company they are looking for from more than 5,000 companies listed.

Target User(s): Owners/developers, management/leasing companies, and real estate executives

In a Nutshell: The Retail Tenant Database is available both on-line (at and on 3-inch diskettes. Data can be directly exported to ASCII-compatible programs.

Yardi Systems Inc. Headquarters: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Phone: 800-866-1144


Primary Product(s): Yardi Enterprise, Yardi Advantage and Yardi Professional Function(s): Property management accounting and financial reporting.

Target User(s): Property and asset managers

In a Nutshell: Yardi's Property Management software caters to all property types and their management issues, and is seamlessly integrated with the company's accounting and financial-reporting system.

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