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Visitors to the 2005 Trade Exposition will find plenty of new toys and technologies ranging from motorized Segways to the latest in children's themed play areas.

People lining up to check out the latest and greatest products and services on display at the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Spring Convention in Las Vegas will have more ground to cover. ICSC has introduced a number of changes to this year's exhibition that include an expanded layout and schedule.

The expo is once again sold out, and because of the high demand for space, ICSC has added suites to accommodate more exhibitors. The suites will be located on the second floor of the convention in rooms N258 and N260. As a result, The Trade Expo will feature 315 exhibitors, up from 280 last year.

Other layout changes include moving the “Public & Private Showcase” from the back of the Trade Exposition to the middle of the show floor. This move is a result of the strong interest expressed in the showcase in 2004, as well as a jump in the number of participants from last year's 22 to 56. The public sector exhibitors will be highlighting development opportunities in their communities.

ICSC also has added an extra hour to the expo schedule. The Trade Expo will open on Sunday, May 22 for four hours from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. However, members will be able to get an early start when both the Trade Exposition and Leasing Mall open an hour earlier on Monday at 8 a.m. The Trade Expo runs until 6 p.m. on Monday, and is open Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Fresh ideas

Check out the hot new Segway personal transportation units at the IPC International Corp. booth. The Bannockburn, Ill.-based security company is debuting its Segway Personal Transportation Patrol units complete with demonstrations by trained personnel. IPC rolled out the innovative concept in January, and the Segway patrols are already in use at several shopping centers. Although the Segways have been used in other industries, such as for airport security, this is the first time that it has been used in a retail setting.

“We are always trying to be intuitive about where security is going in the shopping center environment,” says Kenneth Hamilton, IPC's executive vice president of business development. The popularity of lifestyle and other open-air centers prompted IPC to come up with a security patrol that could cover a large area efficiently. The Segway patrols are an alternative to IPC's existing vehicle and bicycle patrols. “It is comparable in some ways to a bicycle, but it is much more maneuverable, so you could use it even in an interior of a center or an area of high foot traffic,” Hamilton says.

Creative themed soft play areas for children have been such a hit with retailers that New Braunfels, Texas-based NBGS International Inc. plans to introduce retail customers to its line of water-themed products that include aqua toys, fountains and splash areas. NBGS is known for its themed soft play areas that range from tiny towns and zoo animals to its trademark castle at the Memorial City Mall in Houston.

“It seems that the trend with the retail sector is going to outdoor venues,” says Roxanne Coiner, director of marketing for NBGS. The firm hopes to spark some interest in its water line, which can be either decorative or used to create interactive play areas for children. Products run the gamut from giant fish and turtles squirting streams of water to dinosaurs, planets and pirate ships.

Among the new faces is Oxnard, Calif.-based DaystarUSA, which provides exterior facilities maintenance such as landscaping, pressure washing and snow removal. The company will be promoting its unique hybrid service model. Typically, property owners can either choose a regional firm that does all of its own work or hire a broker that arranges maintenance for properties nationwide. DaystarUSA combines both of those practices.

The firm can perform exterior maintenance in areas where it has a support staff. And in areas where it does not have a significant presence, the company works with service partners to complete the work. For example, DaystarUSA could service a client's portfolio in California, Minnesota and New York with a combination of service partners and its own staff, and the client would not know the difference, says Stephen Eckmann, director of new business development at the company. DaystarUSA is the single point of contact, oversees quality controls and issues one invoice. “It is seamless for the end user,” he adds.

New technology

This is the fourth year Focus 360 will be exhibiting at the ICSC Convention, and once again the firm will be showcasing its photo-realistic presentation tools. “What we're focusing on is pushing the level of the technology. The quality just keeps getting better and better,” says Paul Odett, commercial business development manager at Focus 360 in Laguna Niguel, Calif. The firm specializes in transforming architectural blueprints and drawings into computer generated 3-D models. Focus 360 replaces traditional cardboard models with state-of-the-art computer imagery. “We're taking it to a virtual level that can then be accessed over the Internet, used in a laptop presentation, saved to DVD or CD or printed for brochure art,” Odett says.

That computer model can be used for presentation purposes from early development stages such as city planning meetings all the way through marketing and leasing. “There is an idea out there that the products are best used for marketing and selling projects on the back end. We like to emphasize the value of leveraging it from the beginning to the end,” Odett says.

Redlands, Calif.-based ESRI will release its 2005 demographic updates and 2010 demographic projections at the Trade Exposition. ESRI also plans to introduce the newest version of ArcGIS Business Analyst. The desktop marketing software combines GIS technology with a number of different data sets such as the latest demographics, a database of major malls and shopping centers and consumer expenditure data. The software helps to facilitate tasks such as market analysis, site selection and store profiling.

ArcGIS Business Analyst 9.1 offers features such as integration with Microsoft Office software, same page maps and reports, and the ability to export reports to Word and Excel or into HTML and PDF formats. The latest version also includes new report options such as customer proximity and cannibalization, enhanced sales probability modeling, and a grid map and hot spot analysis. “It will create a lot more value for our users,” says Dan Primavera, manager of the retail/commercial industry unit at ESRI. “We have included a number of new software wizards that allow you to do a number of things quicker and easier and improve productivity that we didn't have before.”

Software solutions

Other new software that will be on display includes the latest version of Argus, an asset valuation and cash flow projection tool. “We are continuing to pursue the addition of features that improve ease of use and flexibility within the analysis,” says Mark Kingston, general manager, financial solutions division at Dallas-based Realm Business Solutions. One key improvement to Argus 12 is a new collaboration portal that makes it easier for users to exchange files when working on an analysis model. For example, users can put an entire diligence package in a shared workspace and assign access rights, which would allow others — such as brokers or lenders — to offer input and update information.

Another key feature of Argus 12 is more flexible forecasting, including an unprecedented ability to change the start date of a model. Now users can alter the start date, and the cash flows automatically reset without all of the data having to re-entered, Kingston notes. Realm also will be introducing international versions of Argus 12 at the Trade Exposition. Previously, Argus had been available only in English. The software is now available in German, Japanese, French and Spanish. The international versions take into account differences in languages and processes, and features conversion capabilities that allow a Japanese investor and a U.S. broker, for example, to work on the same platform.

Accruent plans to debut its Store Lifecycle Management at the expo. The software gives retailers one integrated platform that allows them to manage and monitor all of their real estate initiatives. Store Lifecycle Management is a complete real estate solution that tracks everything from site selection and store build-out to facilities management, store remodels and lease administration.

Store Lifecycle Management is designed to meet the needs of retail store development. In the area of construction, for example, the software features tools to help users manage schedules and facilitate bids, work orders and vendors. Facility management tools allow users to track preventive and reactive maintenance, work orders and vendor dispatch. Store Lifecycle Management is one of several products offered under Accruent's cmRealEstate line of software. Although the target users for Store Lifecycle Management are retailers, it also is applicable for developers and landlords, notes Peggy Biddison, vice president of marketing at Santa Monica, Calif.-based Accruent. “Just as large chain retailers have thousands of stores to manage, developers and landlords do too,” she says.

Key advantages include increased efficiencies and elimination of costly mistakes or oversights. One national drugstore chain caught $400,000 in overpayments after using the product for only a few months, Biddison notes. “Our software also eliminates mistakes, such as calculating percentage rent, which is often a highly complex math formula that can vary from store to store,” she adds.

Furniture and fixtures

Check out the latest in exterior lighting technology with products such as flat glass fixtures and new decorative fixtures that don't scrimp on wattage. Fort Worth, Texas-based WLS Lighting Systems will be showcasing its new “748” decorative fixture that can be used as both a stand-alone parking lot light or a building-mounted light. “We can utilize a 1,000 watt lamp, which allows it to perform very well while providing a decorative look,” says Randy Long, national sales manager for WLS. Traditionally, most of the decorative exterior lights on the market have a maximum wattage of 250 watts. It performs very well, and it is very popular with lifestyle and town centers that are trying to create a pedestrian-friendly streetscape, he adds.

Another lighting technology that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of the flat glass lens. Municipalities are introducing more “dark sky ordinances” to reduce glare, which has prompted a shift to flat glass fixtures. These lack the performance of traditional convex lights, which has prompted the lighting industry to focus on new lamp and ballast technology. WLS is using Pulse Start Technology to improve lighting capacity and extend bulb life by about 20 percent, Long notes.

The continued evolution of LED technology is brightening the signage industry. “Clients are utilizing more of the LED technology because it runs less electrical and it lasts longer in the field,” says Craig White, president of Priority Sign Inc. in Sheboygan, Wis. LED is popular because it uses about 80 percent less electricity than neon. In addition, LED typically comes with longer warranties, which reduces maintenance costs. Many manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on LED lights and transformers compared with neon, which typically comes with a 1-year warranty on the glass and transformers.

LED also is slowly growing its color selection. LED's five standard colors are orange, red, blue, green and white. In comparison, neon comes in more than 20 different standard colors. “LED is more limited in color range, but more and more colors are becoming available,” White says. For example, white has been available for two years, and the durability of the product has improved since it was introduced. The introduction of white LED is significant, because white is the most widely used color in neon, he adds.

In addition to showcasing some of its standard mall furnishings such as its benches and planters, Mifflintown, Pa.-based DuMor Inc. is introducing new versions of its Bench 160 — a steel bench with backrest that it launched at the 2004 ICSC Trade Exposition. DuMor is now offering a wood seat version of the bench, as well as a new color. The bench will now be available in argento, which is a stainless steel powder coat. Stainless steel is a popular look, but it can triple the cost of most items. “What we're looking to do is offer the same stainless steel look and save a lot of the cost,” says Steve Shapard, DuMor's sales manager.

Design trends

Retail design is catering to consumers who want greater opportunities to walk to dining, eating and entertainment. Perkins-Rowe and City Lights are two examples of this trend toward higher density, mixed-use developments that O'Brien & Associates Inc. will be showcasing at the convention. “The suburbs are becoming less attractive to new homeowners. Commuting wastes time and gas. Also, people want to be around others. They want to live in a place where things are happening,” says Patrick O'Brien, business development director for O'Brien & Associates, a Dallas-based architecture firm.

The 650,000-square-foot City Lights project in Dallas is a vertical power center that includes a grocery store on the ground level, a home improvement store on the third level, and junior anchors on the fifth level. A four-story office building is located at the southwest corner of the project on levels seven through eleven. The design includes four different architectural styles on different facades of the building. Perkins-Rowe in Baton Rouge, La. is a 1.5 million-square-foot mixed-use town center project that includes office, retail, residential, entertainment and restaurants. The project is designed by The Design Development Group of Baltimore, Md., while O'Brien and Associates serves as the production architect of record.


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