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Contegix Agrees to Move HQ to 210 North Tucker

ST. LOUIS—Technology firm Contegix said Monday that moving its headquarters to 210 North Tucker will help in creating a new data center to support its vision of growth.

Digital Realty unveiled a $30 million renovation plan for the building in September. The founders of Contegix said in a statement that the plan helped the company in its decision to remain downtown and to expand. The firm is currently located at 900 Walnut Street. “We are constantly exploring the best uses of technology for our customers, and we saw an opportunity to simultaneously upgrade our facilities and unite our company under one roof,” said Matthew Porter, CEO of Contegix.

Contegix will be an anchor tenant in the facility that will house both its offices and data center. His company is leasing the entire sixth floor and will be given signage rights to the building. The lease is effective immediately, and Contegix is expected to be moved into the offices and data center by the end of January.

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