Heartland Renews Downtown Chicago Lease

CHICAGO—Heartland Alliance, a human rights and services organization, has renewed and expanded its lease at 208 S. LaSalle here to 36,900 sq. ft.

The group helps people living in poverty or danger improve their lives and realize their human rights. Heartland provides access to and assistance with housing, healthcare, economic opportunities and the justice system. The alliance was founded in Chicago in 1888.

Andrew Davidson, executive vice president/managing director with MB Real Estate, and David Burkards, senior vice president represented the tenant in the lease negotiations. Building ownership was represented by J. Paul Beitler, president and John Paul Beitler III, vice president of Beitler Real Estate Services.

Burkards said in a statement that Heartland had a right to cancel in 2014, and the group considered many other properties in a search. “However, ownership was willing to terminate the existing lease and offer terms amenable to the tenant under a new lease which also relocates the firm from the 18th floor to the 13th floor to accommodate their expansion,” he said.

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