JoAnn M. Armenta Appointed to The Inland Group’s Board of Directors

OAK BROOK, ILL.—The Inland Group Inc. (Inland) has named JoAnn M. Armenta to its board as well as appointing her to the role of a director, president and chief operating officer of the company of Inland Real Estate Income Trust Inc., the newest REIT to be sponsored by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation.

“JoAnn has made significant contributions to Inland’s successful track record,” said Daniel L. Goodwin, chairman and chief executive officer of Inland. “During her 15 years with Inland she has held leadership positions for six different REITs and managed more than 35 million square feet of commercial real estate. She helped facilitate the $6.2 billion sale of Inland Retail Real Estate Trust, Inc. (“IRRETI”), and assisted with $18 billion in acquisitions and due diligence. On behalf of the entire board, I am pleased to recognize her excellent achievements with this expanded role.”

Armenta began her career with Inland as a leasing representative in the company’s multifamily division, and was promoted to oversee the management of retail, office and industrial properties. In 2001, she became president of the entities owning the real estate managers for IRRETI and then moved to serve as senior vice president of the management entities for Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc. Currently, she is the president and chief executive officer of the entities owning the real estate managers for Inland Diversified Real Estate Trust Inc., overseeing the management, leasing, marketing and operations of the properties and the due diligence for acquisitions.

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