Truman, Children’s Mercy Trade Four MOBs

Truman, Children’s Mercy Trade Four MOBs

KANSAS CITY, MO—Truman Medical Centers have agreed to sell four buildings on Hospital Hill to Children’s Mercy Hospitals for an undisclosed amount.

Included in the sale are the Diagnostic and Treatment Center Building (660 East 24th Street) which will transfer on June 1; the Eye Foundation of Kansas City Building (2300 Holmes Street) on Sept. 1; the DaVita Dialysis Hospital Hill Building (2250 Holmes Street) on Jan. 1, 2015 and the TMC Health Sciences Building (2220 Holmes Street) on May 1, 2016.

According to Truman, proceeds from the sale will be used for the renovation of the Felix Building (2211 Charlotte Street) and the consolidation of the center’s IT and call center staff into one facility

Closer to the main campus. Remaining funds will be used toward the potential consolidation into new space for outpatient surgery services.

“This was a mutually beneficial agreement between TMC and Children’s Mercy that allows both organizations more freedom for current and future space planning and expansion,” said Turner President and CEO John W. Bluford in a statement. “Ultimately this fits into the Hospital Hill Master Site Plan that creates real estate on the west side of Holmes for Children’s Mercy and on the east side, north of 22nd Street for TMC, allowing both entities to expand in a more efficient footprint closer to our respective campuses.”

Jo Stueve, executive vice president and co-COO for Children’s Mercy, said the health system is still working on plans for the newly acquired buildings. “We are excited about the opportunities this creates to help us meet our hospital’s growth plans,” he said in the statement. 

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