Weyco Continues Milwaukee Expansion in Glendale

MILWAUKEE—The Milwaukee office of Opus Development Corporation has been tapped to construct a new building to expand Weyco Group Inc.’s Glendale headquarters. Weyco, a shoe distributor, recently acquired an 80,150-sq.-ft. warehouse adjacent to its existing property.

Weyco acquired the vacant warehouse in December 2011 to meet its need for additional product storage space brought on by Weyco’s acquisition of the Combs Company in 2011.

Construction on the project is expected to begin this month with completion scheduled for October 2012.

The new construction and building purchase will result in approximately 112,000 sq. ft. of additional space. When complete, the project will boost Weyco’s total space to more than 1 million sq. ft., including office, warehouse and distribution service space.

Last year, Opus added a 52,000-sq.-ft. mezzanine to Weyco’s existing space, providing additional storage for new products with Weyco’s acquisition of the Combs Company.

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