Whole Foods Opens in Downtown Detroit

Whole Foods Opens in Downtown Detroit

DETROIT—The Motor City’s resurgence continues, as Whole Foods opened its store Wednesday, the first national chain to open in the city for many years.

The 21,506-sq.-ft store opened in the Midtown area. The property was reportedly assisted in its development by almost $6 million of local and state incentives, and the donation of the 2 acres of land by Ram, a development firm led by Peter Cummings. The retailer leases the property.

Detroiters experience “food deserts” in many parts of the city, as national chains fled to the suburbs for higher incomes and less crime. However, there’s been a strong effort to bring the chains back, including Meijer building a new store along Eight Mile Road.

"The opening of the first Whole Foods Market in Detroit is a game changer," said Mayor Dave Bing. "Not only does it offer central-city residents more choices and convenience for grocery shopping, it also proves that Detroit is an attractive destination for national retailers. I appreciate that Whole Foods Market involved the entire community in the planning of this development. This is a true community partnership, and we're proud to welcome Whole Foods Market to Detroit."

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