Advance Realty: Microwave Tower Available for Lease

NEWARK—Advance Realty is offering One Gateway Center's high-capacity microwave tower for lease. The tower was originally constructed by ITT-USTS as their NY Metro junction for their national long haul microwave network serving Manhattan and New Jersey.

The other features of the site include:

*Facility is engineered to meet the highest possible long haul transmission system reliability objectives and maintained to that standard for the past 35 years

*Microwave line of sight to multiple Manhattan and New Jersey locations. Prior LOS paths include Manhattan (50 Exchange Place & 1515 Broadway) and New Jersey (MCI Apline, Neshanic & USTS Secaucus).

*Loading dock access, freight elevator to the 26th floor, communications room, antenna collocation-friendly building management.

*An approximately 3,000-sq.-ft. built-out carrier class communications room available on the 26th floor.

*Options available for rooftop and mezzanine-level antenna locations.

The Newark location is ideal for electronic news gathering (ENG) and broadcaster backup transmitter facilities, or for point-to-point microwave applications such as mobile backhaul, low latency Ethernet transport and dedicated customer broadband services. It is also well suited to wide area mobile communications along with special Homeland Security and EMS service.

The tower will be available with all current antennas removed by August 1, 2012.

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