Chambers Street Properties Reports Minimal Damage from Hurricane Sandy

NEW JERSEY—Chambers Street Properties, based in Princeton, has completed a damage assessment of the properties it owns and operates in the path of Hurricane Sandy and reports minimal damage to its nearly 3 million-sq.-ft. portfolio in the region.

Two of the properties in the company’s portfolio are office buildings situated alongside the Hudson River in Jersey City. Both properties experienced limited collateral damage from the storm and were reopened for business last Thursday.

Other buildings owned by Chambers Street Properties in the affected areas, currently without power due to local utility’s shutdown of service, are ready to reopen once power is restored.

“Chambers Street Properties thanks its asset management teams for working so diligently to minimize disruption and to start bringing buildings back online within 48 hours of this major storm event,” said Jack Cuneo, CEO for Chambers Street Properties. “Chambers Street Properties management also thanks its tenants for their patience and understanding during this difficult time and wishes all a safe return to everyday life.”

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