Clark-based Karnak Corp. Goes Solar with PV Installation

NEW JERSEY—Solis Partners, a provider of commercial solar power systems, has completed a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installation for Clark, N.J.-based Karnak Corp., a provider of energy-saving roof coating solutions.

Located on Karnak’s 50,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing, warehouse and office facility, the system was designed, engineered and constructed by Solis Partners.

In conjunction with installing the PV system, Karnak coated its roof with a white reflective roof coating that better reflects sunlight helping to reduce energy use. Taken together, the solar system and reflective roof coating will offset approximately 25 percent of Karnak's electricity usage.

Karnak Corp. manufactures a complete line of coatings, cements and sealants for roofing and waterproofing. The company is a manufacturer of Energy Star labeled coating.

"We've made a big commitment to sustainability with our environmentally friendly product line, and now we've taken it one step further by lowering our carbon footprint through the production of clean, renewable energy,” said Sarha Jelin, president of Karnak Corp.

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