Food Depot Comes to Newark's Central Ward

NEWARK—A new supermarket has opened in Newark's Central Ward, according to Brick City Development Corp. Food Depot, a 31,000-sq.-ft. full-service supermarket, is located at 75 First Street. This is the first full supermarket to open in the Central Ward in 22 years.

The Food Depot, one of several new grocers to open in the city this year, is a result of BCDC's Fresh Foods Program, which is part of the City's Strong Healthy Community Initiative. Food Depot is located in a rehabilitated warehouse which was vacant for over 10 years. The owners, Orfilio Chaviano Jr. and Nectalier Gonzalez III, have over 40 years of combined experience in the grocery industry.

Newark, like many urban markets, has too few supermarkets. Recent analyses show that approximately 38 percent of grocery dollars leave the city. New and redeveloped food stores can anchor neighborhood revitalization efforts, boost the tax base, create jobs and drive traffic to existing retail. The City's commitment to fresh food is about building the economic base and also about safeguarding public health.

The total project costs for the Food Depot is $8 million. BCDC provided a $2 million loan though the BCDC/UEZ Loan Fund and Crown Bank provided the balance of the debt financing. Food Depot Supermarket will create over 100 jobs. NewarkWORKS provided funding to The Urban League of Essex County to recruit and train Newark residents for employment at Food Depot Supermarket.

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