Inserra Pursues ShopRite of Wyckoff Plan

WYCKOFF—The Inserra Supermarkets development team appeared before the Township of Wyckoff Planning Board to present further testimony on the proposed ShopRite at Wyckoff and Greenwood Avenues. The 62,042-sq.-ft. structure would replace a distressed former supermarket in Wyckoff's central business district.

Jay Troutman Jr., PA, a principal with McDonough & Rea Associates, Inc., of Westfield, has analyzed the circulation of cars and trucks to and from the proposed site and has addressed traffic concerns throughout the application. He restated that Wyckoff Avenue, a county road, is still considered a "candidate for signalization," but county officials have yet to issue a final decision.

Inserra has already addressed recommendations from township officials, engineers and the Shade Tree Commission. They recently introduced minor revisions to the site layout plan that remedied minor parking, landscaping and drainage concerns and eliminated the need for several variances.

Revisions to the landscaping plan result in a total of 38,696 additional sq. ft. of on-site greenery, along with increased buffers around the property. Changes to the species and arrangement of the plants and trees were also added at the suggestion of the Township's Shade Tree Commission. Improved visual interest in the site will be achieved by staggering the trees, spacing them closer together and replacing deciduous species with evergreens.

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