Real Diligence Adds Offering Memorandum to Services

NEW JERSEY—Real Diligence L.L.C., a financial valuation and analysis firm based in Lakewood, has added offering memorandum (OM) development to its services for commercial property buyers.

“Our specialty, financial due diligence, is a necessary component of the commercial acquisition process and one that serves to validate a property's value,” David I. Tesler, chief executive officer, said. “With increased frequency, our clients are asking us to help with documentation they can use to better communicate an investment’s appeal to their financing partners. While OMs traditionally have been a tool for sellers, this is changing, and we are in a great position to help.”

Real Diligence is tapped by commercial property buyers as a means to evaluate the true value of a potential investment. When a company is looking to acquire a property, Real Diligence expertise is sought to audit the numbers and give the buyer an accurate assessment of a property's current value.

By providing a full property description and evaluating income and expense data, market comparable and other expenditures, Real Diligence is able to provide clients an overall view of a property.

While the new OM service is targeted to buyers, sellers may also find the information useful.

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