CPEX Completes the Sale of 200 Columbia Street

BROOKLYN—The CPEX New York mixed-use team has completed the sale of a mixed-use property located at 200 Columbia Street in Brooklyn.

The property consists of one commercial unit and six rent stabilized residential apartments and has a certificate of occupancy for the same. The building is approximately 5,712 sq. ft. with M1-1 zoning, and sold for $1.142 million in an all cash transaction. The property was delivered with one rent stabilized tenant and one commercial tenant. The new owner plans to renovate the residential portion of the building as well as upgrade the building’s entire infrastructure, including the common areas, mechanical systems, utilities and roof.

Associate Directors Scott Burk Esq. and Andre Sigourney of the New York mixed-use team represented the sellers.

The property is located in the Columbia Waterfront district, a small enclave in northwestern Brooklyn, nestled between the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and Buttermilk Channel.

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