Real Estate Network and Transactions Elects Its 2012 Board of Directors

NEW YORK CITY—Three members of The Real Estate Network and Transactions (R.E.N.T.) have joined the group’s board of directors. For the first time, the organization has also designated two of its members as co-chairs.

The two co-chairs are Scott Rutter of Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, the co-chair for finance, and Ed Sirlin, group director and senior vice president at Signature Bank, the co-chair for membership and guests. Rutter is a continuing member of the Board, whereas Sirlin becomes a new member of the Board for the first time. The other two new members of the R.E.N.T. Board are Gail Flannigan of Gail Flannigan Associates, and Marco Botarelli of LandStar Title Agency.

They join the existing members of the Board: Gregg Slotnick of Helmsley Spear, chairman emeritus; Lino DiLascio of Johnson Capital, chairman emeritus; Pauline Evans of Sotheby's International Realty; and Steven Winter of Lehr Consulting Associates.

The Board also thanked Lino DiLascio, managing director of Johnson Capital, for his many years of service as its chair.

Founded in 2002, the New York City-based R.E.N.T. comprises senior members or principals of real estate-related companies, including finance, construction, brokerage, engineering, architecture, communications, and more.

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