Swig Equities: Situs Holdings LLC Takes Space at 48 Wall Street

NEW YORK CITY—Situs Holdings, LLC has taken space at 48 Wall Street and will occupy the entire 14th floor, reports Kent Swig of Swig Equities.

48 Wall Street, a 34-story, 324,000-sq.-ft. office tower built in 1927, was occupied by The Bank of New York until 1988. Swig Equities, in association with Kirkpatrick MacDonald of MacDonald & Cie, acquired the property and land that same year. They are the third owners of the property since the land was conveyed from the Dutch to the British and then to The Bank of New York in 1796.

In this transaction, the landlord was represented by Jonathan J. Dean of Swig Equities, while Situs Holdings was represented by Cushman & Wakefield brokers Joseph Fabrizi and William Overlock.

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