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Vitus Group Plans for Two Affordable Housing Projects in N.J.

NEW YORK—Vitus Group’s New York City office has released plans for the company’s renovation and rehabilitation of two affordable housing projects in Asbury Park, N.J., which will integrate sustainable and energy-efficient features while maintaining affordability.

Located across the street from one another in Asbury Park, both properties were built in the early 1970s. The first property, Vita Gardens, was constructed in 1974; the second property, Stephen Manor, was constructed in 1971. Taken together, the properties offer 170 affordable housing units.

Renovation plans for the two communities include the installation of high-efficiency boilers, energy-efficient windows and Energy Star-rated appliances. In addition, Vitus Group is planning to replace roofs, doors and water heaters of the properties. Interior upgrades planned include replacing kitchen cabinets, appliances and flooring, in addition to completely renovating units’ bathrooms.

Existing residents will be able to stay in their homes while renovations are underway. Ongoing demand for affordable housing in the area is high, and both properties currently have five-year waiting lists and minimal turnover.

“The rehabilitation of these projects will bring needed, high-quality and affordable housing that is comparable to other housing in Asbury Park,” said Scott Langan, director of Vitus’ New York office. “With very little affordable housing planned in the near future, the revitalization of these two properties is very important to Monmouth County,” Langan said.

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