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Andrew V. Aldi

After working with Erickson Retirement Communities for six years, Andrew Aldi still makes time to interact with his residents and travel to each community. “The difference that we make in the lives of our residents is my favorite thing about my job,” Andy said. “They come to one of our properties, live an active life, and they thrive.

“It’s really very satisfying to do the business that I know, which is the development and construction business, and at the same time still serve this population which is only getting larger.”

“The percentage of people over age 75 increases as time goes on, and I think this is a phenomenon that happens in all of Western Europe and to a great extent in Japan. These industrialized countries will have to start addressing these housing and service needs that will start coming down the road in the not too distant future,” he said. “The oldest baby boomers are about 57 or so, and they will change things — but that won’t be for a while yet.”

Erickson Retirement Communities is preparing for the upcoming generation of elderly baby boomers with five new campus-style developments under construction from Peabody, Mass., down to Springfield, Va. These continuing care retirement communities usually consist of at least 1,500 independent living units and also feature assisted living and skilled nursing.

As chief operating officer, Andy is in charge of development, marketing, operations and finance. “We have right now on the boards about $2 billion worth of development over the next five years,” he said. “We have a very active acquisitions department, and we’re constantly looking for projects. We will be expanding into Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Detroit and Chicago.”

Andy has 25 years of experience in the development business with companies such as Morgan Stanley Realty, Prudential Insurance Co. and HLWCO Investment Corp, where he served as president. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Columbia University and an Master of Science degree in federal taxation from New York University.

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