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Callbutton launches service for realtors

DALLAS -- Callbutton recently launched a service for real estate professionals that provides instant support to buyers and sellers and captures and tracks contact and property information, which can then be reported back to real estate businesses.

The locally based firm is a provider of web interaction software and telecommunications services designed to allow businesses to interact one-on-one with online customers.

The new service, called Callbutton Realty, bridges the gap between realtors' online marketing efforts and their offline sales and service capabilities.

To the caller, Callbutton is a familiar way to speak to a realtor about a property. Browsing the realtor's Web site, buyers and sellers can click on the Callbutton icon to request a callback from a sales person.

Callbutton allows the realtor to provide front line service in an immediate and informed fashion. Callbutton Realty routes the call based on the realtor's chosen criteria, typically trying their cell phone first, and office phone second. Realtors hear the name and phone number of each caller, whether they are interested in selling or buying, and in what listing they are interested. Beyond the click, Callbutton provides call follow-up and reporting to capture contact information and property call activity data.

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SOURCE: Callbutton

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