Commercial real estate news and reports are increasingly hitting in-boxes rather than mailboxes.

One company using the Internet to distribute well-sourced dispatches and reports is Manhattan-based Pinhawk LLC. Earlier this year, the targeted news provider created a New York City Real Estate newsletter that is now sent to 3,000 e-mail addresses.

PinHawk founder Jack Hagouel says that his daily email blast includes as many as three-dozen different news sources, which link readers up to each report’s home site. Pinhawk also offers Web alerts for New York City real estate news and deal announcements.

Hagouel plans to expand Pinhawk’s real estate arm into two large U.S. cities by this fall. PinHawk also canvasses the real estate blog sphere, allowing readers to link up to as many as 40 separate blogs per dispatch. Selected real estate reports from service firms are also included in the newsletter.

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