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Index ranks states according to small business climates

Washington, D.C. – The locally based Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) recently released its sixth annual rankings of the states according to their respective policy climates for small business and entrepreneurship in the Small Business Survival Index 2001.

According to SBSC chief economist Raymond Keating, “the best policy environment for entrepreneurship consists of low taxes, limited government, restrained regulation and government protection life, limb and property.”

The most entrepreneur-friendly states under the Small Business Survival Index 2001 are 1) Nevada, 2) South Dakota, 3) Washington, 4) Wyoming, 5) Florida, 6) Texas, 7) New Hampshire, 8) Alabama, 9) Mississippi, 10) Tennessee, 11) Colorado, 12) Michigan, 13) Illinois, 14) Alaska, and 15) Virginia.

The most anti-entrepreneur policy environments are offered by the following: 37) New Jersey, 38) Montana, 39) Iowa, 40) Ohio, 41) West Virginia, 42) Vermont, 43) New York, 44) California, 45) New Mexico, 46) Minnesota, 47) Kansas, 48) Maine, 49) Hawaii, 50) Rhode Island, and 51) District of Columbia.

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