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John B. Levy Podcast

Amid the current credit crunch, commercial real estate borrowers are assessing the impact on their portfolios and investment strategies. In the accompanying two podcasts titled “The End of Free Money,” investment banker John B. Levy analyzes today's market turbulence and offers practical advice. Levy is a former columnist for Barron’s and NREI. Look for more future installments as events unfold.

Commercial Real Estate: Every Thorn Has Its Rose
Listen as John Levy discusses several ways that developers can secure financing in the current tumultuous economic environment.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Here’s three borrowing tips for executing deals in what will likely be another tumultuous year in the capital markets.

Keepin’ it Real in an Unreal Market
Jodie Strum discusses several commercial finance options in light of the current tumultuous economic environment.

Diamonds in the Rough
Commercial real estate is working its way through a rough patch, but as Andy Little points out, opportunities abound for those with cash, courage and conviction.

Stop the Bitchin'
Sure the market's tough, but John Levy says it's time to stop the bitchin'. And he finds ways to make money in a trying environment.

John B Levy Podcast: The End of Free Money, Part 1
John Levy discusses the impact of the sub-prime market on commercial real estate finance as well as changes in CMBS underwriting and credit structures.

John B Levy Podcast: The End of Free Money, Part 2
Sure, there's a real credit crunch, but what's a developer or owner to do? John Levy offers several ideas to facilitate your next deal.

Deer in the Headlights
Does Wall Street do panic better than anyone? Listen as John Levy discusses the current real estate market. But, first, take some Maalox!

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