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Marriott, Hilton hotels damaged in World Trade Center attack

Three major hotels sustained extensive damage following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) towers Sept. 11. The New York Marriott World Trade Center hotel was destroyed, while the 504-room Marriott Financial Center and 561-room Hilton Millennium will be closed indefinitely due to damage caused by the collapse of the massive WTC towers.

The Marriott World Trade Center hotel that was located between the 110-story buildings suffered "catastrophic damage," and has been rendered inoperable, according to Bethesda, Md.-based Host Marriott Corp., which owns the property. Two employees of the company’s management company, Marriott International, remain missing.

The extent of the damage to the New York Marriott Financial Center, located two blocks south of the WTC complex on West Street, has yet to be determined.

The Hilton Millennium hotel, managed by Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Hilton Hotels Corp., sustained numerous broken windows, smoke damage and potential structural damage. Structural tests are under way to determine whether the building can be repaired.

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