Online code to facilitate building compliance process

For architects, general contractors and building owners, checking building code compliance could be called a project’s biggest professional headache. But a California firm believes it has the high-tech remedy for the complicated task.

B-Code, created by the Santa Monica-based company of the same name, is an Internet software tool that gathers building data and analyzes it for compliance with the Uniform Building Code (UBC) — traditionally housed in a 4-inch-thick book.

B-Code requires a standard Internet connection and Web browser, as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader, allowing the Web-based tool to sidestep the potential complications of special software installations. B-Code also offers a search function and written summary feature, enabling building officials to use the program as a reference tool and compliance check.

The initial project subscription for one user costs $50 per month, and $25 per month for additional projects. Each additional user pays $10 per month.

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