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SADI 2010 – Burger King / Whopper Bar Credits

With Burger King’s Whopper Bar, the goal was to extend and energize the main brand with a new concept focused on the Whopper. Whopper Bars emphasize Burger King’s “Have it your way” brand promise by offering guests a customizable, indulgent Whopper-based menu and expanded drink offering. The concept is smaller than a traditional Burger King, opening up new real estate opportunities for the firm and it creates a hip, sophisticated environment that also adds emphasis to the core brand attitude.

The new concept is smaller than a traditional Burger King, with a range of executions from a curved counter in a food court to a full horseshoe design. The size and design aesthetic provide opportunities for Burger King to enter new venues, from college campuses to cruise ships and airports.

Design firm Interbrand Design Forum identified what was at the essence of Burger King and the Whopper and brought that to life in the space. The firm aimed to provide a hipper customer experience and the concept is being deployed around the world in locations including Universal Studios in Orlando and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The color palette of dark red and black with metal finishes creates a hip, sophisticated environment. The face of the front counter emulates grill lines and corrugated metal walls are “scorched” with a red flame texture applied to the panels.

The curved counter helps guide the diner through a simple ordering process. The Whopper Topper is a visible toppings theater designed for maximum impact, showcasing two tiers of more than 20 fresh toppings and a wide variety of sauces. Menu boards and digital counter cards suggest options. Digital counter cards in front of each register highlight featured products and promotions with additional animated content.

Dimensional metallic letters span across a bold red backdrop shouting the “Your Whopper Your Way” mantra. The new logo is featured prominently on the curved soffit above the counter and etched into the metal surrounds at each point of sale. Menu boards are vertical LCD screens with dynamic content that brings the product to life. Animated flames are the backdrop for signature Whopper builds like the Bourbon Whopper.

Project Name: Whopper Bar
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Square Footage: 959 square feet
Project Design Team: Interbrand Design Forum
Retail Design Team: Burger King
Architect: PVK Architects
Owner: Burger King
General Contractor: JK2 Constructors
Faux Brick: Symmetry Products
Ceramic Tile: Porcelanosa, Dal-Tile, Atlas Concorde
Laminates: Wilsonart, Nevamar, Pionite
Corrugated Metal:
Mechanical Metals
Paint :
Dulux ICI Paints
Lighting: Western Extralite

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