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SADI 2010 – Chi-nnati’s Credits

The Chi-nnatis concept was conceived by one brother from Cincinnati and one from Chicago, both of whom love pizza and the art of sharing. The design transformed an existing Mexican restaurant into a new hip pizza parlor. The new scheme opens the view into the restaurant and creates an architectural beacon for the brand. The finished concept is warm and inviting, yet still feels urban and modern.

Colored glass ceiling tiles cast a warm glow over comfortable family-sized booths. Throughout the environment, an overarching theme of duality and contrast is brought to life through the combination of old and new, thick and thin crust, abstract artwork of Chicago and Cincinnati and even the dual typeface logo design.

Graphic images of the Windy City and the Queen City depicts the love of pizza to even the small product related icons in the restrooms. The result exceeded the designer’s goal of becoming a unique and one-of-a-kind experience centered on great food, friends and family.

Project Name: Chi-natti’s
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Square Footage: 7,000
Architect: FRCH Design Worldwide
Owner: Upnorth Investments LLC
General Contractor: Oswald Co.
MEP Enginner: KLH Engineers
Structural Engineer: GOP Ltd.
Photographer: OMS Photography
Fixtures: Appletree Design Works Inc
Flooring: Patterned Concrete of Cincinnati
Furniture: APG Office Furnishings
Signage/Graphics: Harlan Graphics
Lighting: Lighting Management Inc.

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