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SADI 2010 - First Financial Bank Credits

As part of a holistic effort to consolidate from seven bank brands to one, First Financial Bank wanted a banking experience based upon personal relationships and personal service that would ultimately create ongoing relationships based upon trust and great advice. First Financial Bank also wanted to break the mold of the traditional transactional banking retail and incorporate sales based banking.

Breaking the mold of the traditional transactional banking retail to a sales base bank was a challenge. The solution was to place the sales function front and center, rather than at the bank counter. It still meets customer needs while extending a more consistent message of service, growth and success.

The design can be engineered to retrofit across the entire system of existing branch banks quickly and cost effectively. The plan is based on a hierarchy of events that script a new standard of customer engagement and transparency. The new design immediately creates an enhanced level of comfort, dialogue and personal service.

Clear views dictate engagement and deliver a “no-place-to-hide” efficiency. The open planning concept delivers a message of instant access and functional clarity with a big dose of personality.

Lighting in the space is bright and clear, creating a naturally lit space and a emotional connection with the customer. The materiality creates an environment that is friendly, warm and timeless, allowing a level of graphic design and accent colors to create an emotional connection with each visitor.

Aspirational situations are portrayed in the graphics throughout the space, illustrating the bank’s mission of helping people on their path to success. Promotions and information are presented in a new, friendly way. The open, warm and engaging line minimizes the traditional barriers at this touch point by making each teller station more furniture-like in proportion and finish.

Project Name: First Financial Bank
Location: Crowne Pointe, Ind.
Square Footage: 5,134 square feet
Architects: FRCH Design Worldwide
Owner/Client: First Financial Bank
Architectural Consultant: K4 Architect
General Contractor: Vanco Construction Services
Photographer: OMS Photography

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