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SADI 2010 – Liverpool Zapopan Department Store Credits

Located outside Guadalajara, Mexico, Liverpool Zapopan is a 344,630-square-foot three-level, full-line department store with two additional levels of underground parking that connect to the store through the main escalator well. FRCH Design Worldwide’s aim was to create harmony between the store environment, the product, the service offering and the new Liverpool brand direction.

Another of FRCH’s goals was to continually draw guests back to the store by sparking curiosity and establishing emotional connections. To achieve this, the firm implemented a design concept of “layers of movement” that is expressed throughout the environment from large-scale architectural elements down to departmental merchandising. From the buildings flow to the one-on-one interactions with guests, the design aims to create a memorable experience for shoppers.
The scheme creates a theatrical effect throughout the interior of the store, showcasing Liverpool’s fashion forward product offering. On the exterior, the architects wanted to make a large flat façade more dynamic. They used layers of material and backlit the facade with a pink glow. The corner tower, which was designed to establish a beacon, creates a special feature in the daytime with patterned back-lit panels that also glow at night.
The store layout is simple, with clean lines and wide aisles. Merchandise remains the centerpiece, while the customer discovers new and different aspects of the store. A series of visual tools from graphic elements, to hanging merchandise bars, to textural backdrops, to loose display pieces shift and change with each season to keep the presentation fresh and vital.
The entire design was completed in an accelerated seven month schedule. Producing construction documents while the final design presentation was being completed provided the ability to reduce the project timeline.

Project Name: Liverpool Zapopan Department Store
Location: Guadalaraja, Mexico
Square Footage: 344,630 square feet
Architects: FRCH Design Worldwide
Owner: Servicios Liverpool, SA de CV
Photographer: OMS Photography

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