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SADI 2010 – Lotte Gwangbok Department Store Credits

ID & Design International’s mission was to design a one-of-a-kind 650,000-square-foot location for Lotte Department Stores in the Gwangbok Harbor Front District of Busan, South Korea. The scheme is meant to symbolize the flow of water and that idea influenced how each of the store’s 11 floors was conceived.

At the heart of a store is a central atrium of architectural forms arranged in a twisting motion that frames a central sculpture consisting of 10,000 aluminum fish-like forms spiraling upwards through all levels of the project. The main level atrium flooring features a water jet stone pattern suggestive of “water ripples” and establishing a memorable visual point at the heart of the store. Ceilings on every level are strategically designed to be unique signatures, controlling circulation, and reinforcing a sense of energy.

The main floor (featuring Cosmetics and Imported Designer brands), is embellished by an illuminated colonnade and beaded chandeliers in liquid formations drawing attention to the atrium at the core of the experience. This compilation of key design elements and visual displays on levels 2 through 10, mixed with unique fashion venues are strategically oriented to establish the store as a landmark location.

Since opening in December 2009, Lotte Gwangbok Department Store has exceeded its sales projections and is a new market hub and fashion destination in Busan. The initial design intent of movement, fluid connectivity, and a fashion forward urban environment is expressed consistently at every level throughout the consumer experience.

Project Name: Lotte Gwangbok Department Store
Location: Busan, South Korea
Square Footage: 650,000 square feet
Architects: ID & Design International
Owner: Lotte Department Stores
Suppliers: Moss and Lam, Atrium Sculpture Engineering and Fabrication

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