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SADI 2010 - Schnucks Market Credits

Schnuck Markets Inc. wanted a Schnucks flagship store that would set a benchmark for the family-owned regional chain and symbolize the company’s consumer-driven, forward-thinking direction. In particular, Schnucks has implemented an education initiative for their teammates, culminating in their first Cooking School at the Des Peres location. The company brought in api(+) to help realize that vision.

Influenced by European markets visited by Schnucks management, api(+)’s design was geared toward creating a sophisticated setting showcasing the company’s knowledge of and passion for food while staying true to their core values of quality products, variety, value and friendly service. Additionally, Schnucks requested sustainable design solutions whenever possible.

Additionally, the project timeline required that the firm produce contract documents for the building shell run concurrently with conceiving the approach for the interior design. This required two teams working simultaneously that shared information regularly to coordinate changes generated by the new design.

The final design created a new experience for shoppers. New merchandise concepts, expanded service departments, and traditional areas deliver a one-stop shopping destination. The new concept covers branding, planning adjustments, architecture, interior design, graphic design and in-store communication.

Various in-store food settings showcase Schnucks’ extensive food knowledge. Unique experiences include a new walk-in cheese room, an expansive wine department, a walk-in beer cave cooler, an aged beef cooler, a Schnucks Cooks demonstration station, two in-store restaurant counter seating areas and a table-top kitchen housewares department.

Specialty lighting highlights each department, calling attention to service areas and architecture. Wall wash lighting is balanced with skylights and daylighting design; product lighting enhances coloration and texture. In addition, new translucent printing techniques were employed to allow the natural materials to show through.

Project Name: Schnucks Market
Location: Des Peres, Mo.
Square Footage: 75,000
Architects: api(+)
Owner: Schnucks Markets Inc.
Ceramic Tile Products: Trinity Tile Group
Graphic Fabricator: CIP Retail Impact
Concrete Flooring Staining: L. M. Scofield Co.
Lighting: City Lighting Inc.
Foodservice Equipment: Revent
Refrigeration Manufacturer: Hussmann Corp.
Retail Store Fixtures Manufacturer: Madix Inc.
Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical/Fire Protection Engineering: Emerson Climate Solutions

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