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SADI 2010 - Scottsdale Quarter Credits

Scottsdale Quarter, in Scottsdale, Ariz., is the first high-density, open-air, mixed-use project in Glimcher Realty Trust history. The $270 million project includes 274,000 square feet of unique upscale retailers, 100,000 square feet of dining, a 36,000-square-foot movie theater and 189,000 square feet of class-A office space.

Glimcher’s goal was to create an integrated mixed-use development that offers meaningful spaces and places for people to shop, work, dine and play. In addition, the firm strived to create a regional draw by taking a Main Street retail setting and surrounding it with other uses to achieve a dense urban environment.

Authenticity was an important aesthetic driver for the architecture. The project provides four-sided architecture, which is complex, contemporary and clean. The palette of materials was inspired by the region and features sandstone, masonry, stucco and steel. In addition, glass is mixed with concrete and metal panels to create a distinctive Southwest urban expression.

Glimcher also integrated sustainable design elements throughout the project. These include plants suitable for the region’s climate and drip emitters for irrigation. In addition, the facility features waterless urinals and other water-saving devices. The main buildings contain a central water source heat pump system, and the tenant HVAC controls are linked to BAS communications system to ensure that the main plant is operating only as needed.

Passive systems include more than 90 percent of the parking spaces located within parking garages to avoid heat gain from the asphalt. All of the public walkways contain building canopies, arcades or shade from trees. South and west facing walls are designed with recessed glass to minimize direct sunlight. Active systems include reverse osmosis misting systems on all interior walkways and a splash pool with pop jets for children.
Unique challenges for the project including phasing around an operating Dial Corp. laboratory and organizing the installation of building services to meet space requirements.

With both Whiting-Turner and the project architect Nelsen Partners located in offices directly adjacent to the site, the construction manager and architect were immediately available to manage any issues that arose on the project.
Glimcher succeeded in creating a “place” and not “a project” and the community benefits by having a space that provides restaurants, retail, entertainment and office suites, all contained within one site. Moreover, Scottsdale Quarter is a catalyst for future development in the market.

Project Name: Scottsdale Quarter
Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Square Footage: 600,000 square feet
Architects: Nelson Partners
Owner: Glimcher Realty Trust
Construction Company: Whiting Turner Contracting

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